New Grants

Special Minister of State, Gavin Jennings, recently launched the $11 million Public Sector Innovation Fund – a new grants program supporting projects that test new approaches to solving complex policy and service delivery challenges providing public value.

Who is Eligible?

The Innovation Fund supports innovative new technology ideas from businesses or organisations to work with or within the Victorian public sector. This opportunity is open for funding applications for projects that tackle complex government problems. The fund is open to different types of innovation, such as new technologies or process innovation, as well as projects at varying stages of maturity.

What are the Assessment Criteria?

Focussing on four key elements, the successful application would include the following.

1. Strategic fit

Projects must clearly target an area of current or emerging need for the Victorian public sector, demonstrated through strategic fit with Victorian:

Government priorities: projects that respond to Victorian Government policy priorities and contribute to public sector reform. This includes complex challenges in policy design or government service delivery that may involve multi-agency stakeholder environments such as justice, human services, health and education.

Public sector reform: projects that reflect the principles and approaches of public sector reform. Public sector reform seeks to build more collaborative, networked and innovative ways of working between government, citizens and communities to improve outcomes for Victorians. The six principles of public sector reform are:

  • Target and drive outcomes
  • Invest responsibly guided by evidence
  • Evaluate and measure impact
  • Honour public trust through transparency and integrity
  • Collaborate to deliver public value
  • Enable the public sector workforce to support change

2. Innovation

Projects that demonstrate how the application of new knowledge, technologies or processes can deliver improved efficiencies, effectiveness or quality of outcomes for citizens and/or the public sector. This might include:

  • innovative approaches to policy design and service delivery through the use of behavioural insights, co-design, or data-driven decision-making; or
  • the use of new technologies, like high-speed broadband, mobility, cloud storage, data analytics, algorithms, modelling and visualization to broaden reach or strengthen impact.

3. Value

Projects that will deliver public and/or economic value. Applications should include a list of quantifiable and qualitative benefits for project participants and end users, including evidence to support these claims.

4. Potential to scale or replicate

Innovations that can be scaled up or replicated into other settings. Applications should clearly identify the opportunities for project solutions, platforms, or learning’s to be replicated or shared across the public sector, and any barriers (including financial) to future implementation. Applications should include basic strategies for overcoming these barriers if the proof of concept or trial is successful. These strategies will be expected to become more detailed if the proposal progresses to Stage 2.

How does the Application Process work?

Applications can be submitted at any time. Applicants should read the Innovation Fund Program Guidelines prior to submitting an application. There are two stages in the Innovation Fund application process.

Stage 1 – Initial Application

This first step in your application provides an overview of the proposed innovation project, including the problem being addressed, the proposed solution, budget requirements, and the strategic fit with government policy priorities.

Initial Applications are evaluated by the Public Sector Innovation team in DPC. Selected applicants will be invited to proceed to Stage 2 of the application process.

Applicants can submit an Initial Application online via the DPC Grants Portal.

Stage 2 – Project Business Plan

The most competitive Initial Applications will be invited to work with the Public Sector Innovation team to develop a Project Business Plan. The Project Business Plan requires a more detailed description of the project, including evidence of the challenge being addressed, anticipated benefits and impact, project milestones and performance measures, evaluation methods and a detailed budget.

All Project Business Plans will be assessed by an internal Selection Committee against the Innovation Fund Assessment Criteria.

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