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The Australian Government is calling for applications for the new $126 million Emerging Renewables Program which will be administered by the Australian Centre for Renewable Energy (ACRE). The Program will provide support for the development of renewable energy and enabling technologies in Australia across the innovation chain.

A minimum of $40 million will assist the development of renewable energy and enabling technologies with potential to contribute to the generation of large-scale base load power, such as wave, geothermal and enabling technologies.

A further $26.6 million will be targeted at supporting the geothermal energy sector.


The Minister for Resources, Energy and Tourism, the Hon Martin Ferguson AM MP, launched the program on 8 August 2011, with the release of the program guidelines. For more information, see the Minister’s Media Release.

The Emerging Renewables Program is a merit-based program that provides grants in two funding categories:

  1. ACRE Projects – for renewable energy and enabling technologies and products to as they move through the technology innovation chain and to lower the cost of renewable energy in Australia. The application process is undertaken in two phases, i.e. Expression of Interest (EOI) followed by invitation for selected applicants to submit a Project Funding Application.
  2. ACRE Measures – that may involve a renewable energy industry capacity building activity, skills development activity or a preparatory activity for an ACRE Project. The application process involves a single phase.

More information on the program is available here:

  • Emerging Renewables Program – Fact Sheet [ PDF, 74KB |  DOC, 1.1MB]
  • Emerging Renewables Program – Program Administrative Guidelines [ PDF, 171KB |  DOC, 388KB]
  • Emerging Renewables Program – Information Guide [ PDF, 1.1MB]
  • Emerging Renewables Program – Frequently Asked Questions [ PDF, 74KB |  DOC, 172KB]


To apply for Emerging Renewables Program, applicants must:

  1. Read the Emerging Renewables Program—Administrative Guidelines and the Emerging Renewables Program—Information Guide (see Related documents) to understand the requirements of the program. Applicants should consider whether they meet the eligibility criteria and the likelihood of their application being assessed against the merit criteria to a very high standard.
  2. Decide to apply for the ACRE Projects or ACRE Measures funding category.
  3. Follow the instructions for how to apply:
    • for an ACRE Project 
    • for an ACRE Measure 


Successful applicants will be required to enter into a Funding Agreement with the Commonwealth of Australia. Each Funding Agreement will incorporate details of the specific ACRE Project or ACRE Measure and its milestones.



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