New Grants

Multi Media Victoria and DIIRD have released the projects from the Public sector for real problems seeking innovative solutions from SME’s.

SME’s can submit their applications any time up to the 14th August 2009 for consideration of undertaking a feasibility study.  SMEs will be  eligible for up to $100k of funding over 3 months to undertake this study.

If approved SME’s will move to proof of concept stage with up to $1.5m funding.

This represents a win-win situation for public sector departments seeking innovative solutions and SME’s looking to develop IP and commercial opportunities.

If you would like to submit a proposal, you will have to register your details . Please note, direct contact with the host entity is not permitted during this Stage of the MVP.

The closing date for submitting an application for a TRS is Friday 14 August 2009. Full descriptions of each project can be downloaded from the MMV website.

  1. Postural Biofeedback for Lower Back Pain- Austin Health
  2. Integrated Workforce Management System- Barwon Health
  3. Court Proceedings System- Department of Justice (DoJ
  4. Electronic Monitoring of High-Risk Offenders- Department of Justice (DoJ)
  5. Forensic Drug Detection Technology- Department of Justice (DoJ)
  6. Language Translation Device-Department of Justice (DoJ)
  7. Protective Gloves for Prison Officers-Department of Justice (DoJ)
  8. Mobile In-Field Soil Analysis System-Department of Primary Industries (DPI)
  9. Automated Biophony Sensor Station-Department of Primary Industries (DPI)
  10. Future Farming Technologies- Department of Primary Industries (DPI)
  11. Integrating Emergency Detection & Warning Systems-Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE)
  12. Smart Sensors- Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE)
  13. Patient Tracker- Melbourne Health
  14. Water Supply System Optimisation- Melbourne Water
  15. Brine Disposal Technology- Melbourne Water
  16. Remote Sensing Alpine Vehicles- Mt Buller & Mt Stirling Alpine Resort Management Board (ARMB)
  17. Biochar Manufacturing Device-North East Catchment Management Authority (NECMA)
  18. Single Photon Encryption- Victoria Police

If you are interested in finding out how Treadstone can assist you with an application please call us on (03)  9016 3575

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