New Grants

The Victorian Government has set strong statewide renewable energy targets of 25% by 2020 and 40% by 2025 and believes Victorians should have every opportunity to transition to a clean energy future. The Government firmly believes renewable energy delivers many benefits for Victoria including new jobs from developing, manufacturing and installing new energy technologies. Renewable energy also drives positive environmental and social outcomes, and assists Victorians to control their energy needs.

The Victorian Government has committed $0.9 million over a two year period to develop and deliver the pilot CPH in the three pilot locations across Victoria.

The pilot CPHs will be hosted by a local not-for-profit or social enterprise organisation that work to co-ordinate and facilitate the development and expansion of community energy in each geographic area while helping to build capacity and skills.

The Pilot CPHs will serve to:

  • Reduce greenhouse gases
  • Support communities in implementing their renewable energy projects
  • Support other relevant Victorian Government energy priorities and initiatives; and
  • Boost the renewable energy industry in Victoria

The applicant will be directly supported by a Sustainability Victoria employee during their establishment and pilot development.

What is the funding amount available?

Up to $110,000 a year over a two year period. Total of $220,000 per CPH. .

What will be funded?

There will be an expectation that there is an equal allocation across the respective pilot CPH’s operations and CE project development. This start-up funding can be utilised across a range of functions directly linked to the Hub including;

  • Administration costs directly related to the development of each CPH and the delivery of its agreed activities. This can include salaries for administering/coordinating the pilot CPH activities only.
  • Contracting services relating to specific CE projects,such as technical studies, legal advice and nancial modelling, to be procured by a competitive tender for service provision through each pilot CPH.
  • Establishing an online  presence including the ability to facilitate communities to register their energy projects and service providers to register the support they o er.
  • Community engagement activities and promotions relating to the pilot CPH and related projects such as case studies, events and marketing.
  • Monitoring and evaluation in relation to the impact of the pilot CPH.
  • Implementing measures to facilitate a long term self-sustaining presence.

Successful applicants must:

  • deliver the project as outlined in their application;
  • monitor and evaluate the project as agreed by the applicant and SV;
  • provide suitable training for staff (as required) where new equipment is installed;
  • provide evidence that Occupational Health and Safety(OH&S) issues are managed appropriately;
  • meet all legal and regulatory requirements for the project and their business;
  • meet the minimum in-kind and financial co-contribution requirement;
  • participate in case studies that may be published about the funded projects; and
  • abide bySV’s Funding Agreement Terms and Conditions.


What will not be funded?

  • capital works to construct a CE project;
  • applications submitted after the closing date and time; and
  • salary and administration cost, vehicles utilities that relate to duties or roles other than the pilot CPH

How to apply.

  1. Apply online to access the guidelines and application form.
  2. Read through the guidelines.
  3. Complete and submit the application.

Deadline/Closing Date

The closing date for applications is 2pm, 19 May 2017.

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