New Grants

89 projects totalling $29.5 million from the first two rounds of its Green Building Fund program have been announced on 20th May 2009. The Green Building Fund aims to help commercial office buildings reduce their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. It provides 50% matching funding for projects from $50k up to $500k.

Successful projects announced today include:

• upgrades of heating, ventilating and air conditioning (new chillers, variable speed drives, etc.),
• installation or replacement of Building Management Systems,
• installation of wind turbines and solar panels,
• replacement of glazing,
• replacement of base building lighting, and
• installation of external shading.

The next round of the program will close on 30 June 2009.

The full list of successful applicants can be found at Funding offers.pdf

For more information about how Treadstone can help you with the Green Building Fund contact us on 03 9016 3575.

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