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On Friday, 22 May 2009 Bendigo call centre, Excelior Pty Ltd, secured a $300,000, CRISP grant for training and development.

The Community Regional Industry Skills Program (CRISP) is intended to contribute to the generation of industry development, new jobs, increased skills and improved services for rural and regional communities. $5.5m has been provided for the period 2005/6 to 2009/10.

Excelior’s 100-seat centre will handle inbound, outbound, phone, fax, email and web chat contacts from the customers of Excelior’s smaller clients, securing up to 120 jobs.The project also involves investment in technology and significant re-training of up to 130 existing employees to equip them with the skills required to work in the blended centre and service multi-media enquiries for a diverse range of clients.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for CRISP II funding applicants should:

· be able to articulate the particular skills need identified and the impact this is having on a company or regional location.

· provide full details (including costs) of the project.

· detail the benefits to a company or regional location from undertaking the project and addressing the skills need.

· in the case of individual businesses, have a demonstrated track record of support for employees’ training and general organisational development.

Eligible CRISP II projects in addition to addressing skills needs should, in general, demonstrate one or more of the following benefits:

· Attraction of new investment to a region.

· Assistance in the retention or expansion of existing businesses.

· Improving the business practices of firms.

· Positively impacting on a local business community.

· Assisting workforce participation, particularly of mature age workers.

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