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The Entrepreneurs’ Programme commercialisation grants help Australian entrepreneurs, researchers, and small and medium businesses find commercialisation solutions, with aims to:

  • accelerate the commercialisation of novel intellectual property in the form of new products, processes and services;
  • support new businesses based on novel intellectual property with high growth potential; and
  • generate greater commercial and economic returns from both public and private sector research and facilitate investment to drive business growth and competitiveness.

The list of recipients for August 2017 has just been released with eleven Australian businesses offered commercialisation grants amounting to just over $5m under the Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

Applicant Name Project Title Grant Amount (ex GST)
Citrus International Pty Ltd Citrus – a self-service auction based advertising engine. $844,160
Dreamweaver IP Pty Ltd Sustainable packaging solutions for shipping of temperature sensitive products. $936,805
Freshly & Co Pty Ltd Fresh chilled baby food range for Australian retail and export markets. $664,000
GMDx Co Pty Ltd TSM profiling software to determine continuance or cessation of Hepatits B Virus treatment. $328,700
IMR Technologies Pty Ltd SensaLink-automated motor vehicle crash alert device saving lives around the world. $728,641
Inventia Life Science Pty Ltd 3D bioprinting platform for medical research and drug discovery. $760,000
Kinetic Orthotics Pty Ltd Improved access to accurate orthotic interventions improves mobility and health. $499,002
Mining Excellence Alliance Pty Limited Remote optimisation of mineral processing plants using advanced data analytics. $770,200
Sotaeria Pty Ltd Safetape: The portable cloud-based safety barrier system. $486,916
StarVac Systems Pty Ltd Global market entry of StarVac’s vacuum packaging technology. $465,000
Ubaryon Pty Ltd Novel separation technique for environmental and production improvement in the energy industry. $92,950

If you would like access to expert advice and matched funding of up to $1 million to cover eligible commercialisation costs to help them to take novel products, processes and services to market; please read on…

Deadline date:

OPEN- ongoing

What grants or funding is available?

This grant provides projects up to 50% of the expenditure to a maximum of:

  • $250,000 for commercialisation offices and eligible partner entities
  • $1 million for all other applicants.

Accelerating Commercialisation Grant recipients will also receive Portfolio Services for the duration of the project.

What are the eligibility criteria?

Commercialisation Guidance is available to applicants that:

  • have a novel product, process or service they wish to commercialise
  • want to trade to customers external to the state or territory of their place of business
  • are not named by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency as a non-complying organisation.

To apply for an Accelerating Commercialisation Grant, applicants must meet each of the following:

  • have received Commercialisation Guidance
  • have a novel product, process or service they wish to commercialise
  • have the ownership, access or beneficial  use of the intellectual property to undertake the commercialisation project
  • meet the turnover test  outlined at Section 5 of the Customer Information Guide
  • show they can fund at least 50% of the project expenditure. This may include labour (plus on-costs), contracts, manufacturing plant, pilot and prototype manufacturing expenditure.


What is the assessment criteria?

Merit criteria are not used to access initial Commercialisation Guidance.

All of the merit criteria, except for “Need for Funding” (Criterion 1), are equally weighted.

  • Merit Criterion 1 – Need for Funding
  • Merit Criterion 2 – Market Opportunity
  • Merit Criterion 3 – Value Proposition
  • Merit Criterion 4 – Execution Plan
  • Merit Criterion 5 – Management Capability
  • Merit Criterion 6 – National Benefits

We assess applications for Accelerating Commercialisation Grant first against criterion 1, and then against criterion 2-6.

We assess applications for Portfolio Services only using merit criteria 2-6.

More details can be found in the Customer information guide (PDF; 470.72 KB).

 How do I apply?

The first step requires Applicants to lodge an Accelerating Commercialisation Expression of Interest (EOI) form which can be lodged at any time at the ‘I’m ready to apply’ tab, available online at

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