New Grants

Victoria’s Energy Technology Innovation Strategy (ETIS) $72m for Large Scale Demonstration of Renewable Energy Plants

A$72 million has been allocated to support new large scale sustainable energy demonstration projects, including, energy storage, as well as advancing technologies for solar, wave, bioenergy, biofuels and geothermal energy.

A further A$110 million will support new large scale carbon capture and storage projects in Victoria.

Working alongside local and international industry partners, major research bodies and investors, the ETIS strategy aims to accelerate development in new energy technologies.

The available funding is part of more than $A370 million in investment from the Victorian Government, designed to drive research, development and large-scale demonstration of emerging low-emission energy technologies as part of Victoria’s wider response to climate change (external link).

What projects are we looking for?
• Large-scale, demonstration projects which carry technical risk
• Projects which provide ongoing benefits to Victoria

Examples of current ETIS low emissions coal projects
Examples of current ETIS sustainable energy projects

• Grant Applications Close: 31 August 2009
• Announcement of successful grants: Feb/Mar 2010
• Completion of Demonstration: 2014- 2015

If you would like to find out how Treadstone can help with your Government Grant application please call on (03) 9016 3575

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