New Grants

$47.5 million has been allocated to the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Fund to support capital projects to establish and expand advanced manufacturing activities in Victoria and South Australia.

The program aims to transition the manufacturing sector and improve the overall efficiency and competitiveness of firms and the broader economy. It is part of the $100 million Advanced Manufacturing Fund announced as part of the 2017-18 Federal Budget designed to boost innovation, skills and employment in advanced manufacturing in Australia.

The program supports capital projects by small and medium enterprises (SME’s) that expand and establish advanced manufacturing using:

  • advanced technologies
  • design and engineering excellence
  • innovative business processes

to improve the overall efficiency and competitiveness of firms and the broader economy.

The program aims to:

  • increase investment in advanced manufacturing activities in Victoria and South Australia
  • help transition Australia’s manufacturing sector from traditional, heavy industrial processes to knowledge-based manufacturing of higher value products.

Deadline to apply:

What support or funding is available?

  • The minimum grant amount is $500,000.
  • The maximum grant amount is $2.5 million.
  • The maximum project period is 30 months and you must complete your project by 30 June 2021.
  • Grant funding will be up to one third of your eligible project costs.
  • The minimum project amount is $1.5 million.

What are the eligibility criteria?

To be eligible you must:

  • be a small or medium enterprise (SME) with up to 199 full time equivalent employees
  • be an entity incorporated in Australia
  • engage in trading activities that:
    • form a sufficiently significant proportion of its overall activities; or
    • are a substantial and not merely peripheral activity of the corporation.
  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • be registered for the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

You are not eligible to apply if you are:

  • income tax exempt
  • an individual, partnership or trust (however, an incorporated trustee may apply on behalf of a trust)
  • a Commonwealth, state and local government agency or body (including government business enterprises.

To be eligible your project must:

  • occur in Victoria or South Australia or both
  • have at least $1.5 million in eligible expenditure
  • include buying, constructing, installing or commissioning manufacturing capital equipment
  • result in commercial production ready manufacturing.

For more information on eligibility go to the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Fund Program Guidelines.

What are the merit criteria?

To be competitive you must score highly against all of the following merit criteria:

  • Merit criteria 1(40 points) -The advanced manufacturing benefits for your business and the broader economy.
  • Merit criteria 2 (20 points) – Impact of grant funding on your project.
  • Merit criteria 3 (40 points) – Your capacity, capability and resources to deliver the project.

For more information on merit go to the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Fund Program Guidelines.

How do I apply ?

To apply for a grant you must complete the online application form

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