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Funding of up to $20k per project can be accessed by individuals (or small groups) to apply their skill and expertise to solve one of 23 AI and ML research and development-related challenges.


What is the funding for?

The Artificial Intelligence for Decision Making Initiative is a collaborative project to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) expertise and capability in areas of significant importance to the Australian defence and national security community.

Individuals are invited to apply their skill and expertise to solve one of 23 AI and ML research and development-related challenges.

Successful applicants will be provided with three-month funding of up to $20,000 per project and could also have the opportunity to be part of a national network focused on developing AI and ML technology. There is also the opportunity for project prototypes to be considered for progression through the Defence Artificial Intelligence Centre (DAIC), or defence and university sectors.

The Initiative is being delivered on a national basis through the Defence Science Centre, Defence Science Institute, Defence Innovation Network and Defence Innovation Partnership.

The Challenge topics are:

  1. Facial Recognition Bias Profiling
  2. Facial Verification Explainability Measures
  3. Deceitful/Persuasive Writing Detection
  4. Distribution-Aware Generalisation for Imbalanced Learning
  5. Human Factors in Explainable AI
  6. Input Feature Obfuscation
  7. Low-bias Age Prediction
  8. Ensembling Single-Class Classifiers
  9. Scoping the shopping Race
  10. Understanding the Limits and Biases of AI using Connect-4
  11. Regret based strategies in a search market
  12. Newcombe’s Dilemma
  13. Holiday planning by AI
  14. Document Corpus Analysis
  15. Dynamic decision-making AI for penetration testing
  16. Graph-based analysis of network traffic for Cyber applications
  17. Machine learned models from simulation data
  18. Using Machine Learning for Game and Player Analytics
  19. Uncertainty and Deception in Multi-agent OpenAI Gym Environments
  20. Automated glossary generation for effective and efficient information extraction from text data
  21. Classification of subtle activities
  22. RTS Game Disruptor
  23. Deep Reasoning Reinforcement Learning for Cognitive Information Warfare

For more information on each topic, click here.

Project Requirements

Funded projects will demonstrate prototype solutions, in the form of a software tool or related product that demonstrates the solution(s) to the chosen Challenge.

Applicants must also provide project reports that detail the approach to the Challenge and an overview of the solution, to enable assessment of project performance.

The maximum funding amount is $20,000 per project.

The length of the projects must be three months.

The intent of the Initiative is to fund individuals to undertake separate projects, however small team-based proposals may be considered, subject to available funding. Funding for a team-based proposal is restricted to the same arrangements for an individual.

Individuals may submit applications to as many Challenges as they wish, however only one project will be funded per applicant, and each project must be discrete and stand-alone from others.

A licence to use the intellectual property developed as part of a project must be provided to the grant sponsor via IP Licence Deed. This licence will be for Commonwealth Use purposes only.

Applications will be assessed by a Panel.

Conditions of Funding

The Initiative is only open to Australian citizens and permanent residents who reside in Australia. Proof of citizenship or permanent residency status must be provided if requested.

Funds can be used for direct costs associated with the project, including salary and salary on-costs.

Due to the small funding amount and desire to support capability, the funds cannot be used for the recovery of indirect overheads.

Only personnel listed on the application can be involved in the project or supported by the funds.


Eligibility – who can access this grant?

Applications will be accepted from small teams or individuals who meet eligibility requirements.

The Initiative is open to Australian citizens or permanent residents who reside in Australia who are:

  • Currently employed by an Australian-based company, university or research organisation; or
  • Currently self or unemployed; or
  • Currently enrolled at an Australian university in an undergraduate or post-graduate degree.

Currently employed or enrolled applicants should apply via their institution, while those who are self or unemployed should apply as individuals.

There may be a requirement for identification, police and other background checks before the commencement of the project.

How do I apply?

Act quickly – applications will be closing on 26 June 2020 or when funds are exhausted, whichever comes sooner.

Applications will only be accepted via the Initiative’s Application Form.


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