New Grants

Results for the Renewable Energy Demonstration Program (REDP) opened 20 February 2009 and closed on 15 April 2009 will not be know until around 30th June but 4 hopeful applicants were reported in the Australian Newspaper
REDP is a $435m grant, which is part of the $500 million Australian Government Renewable Energy Fund (REF). The grant offered funding at 33% of the project costs.
The objective of the REDP is to accelerate the commercialisation and deployment of new renewable energy technologies for power generation in Australia by assisting the demonstration of these technologies on a commercial scale, and thereby to contribute to the achievement of the 20 per cent renewable energy target by 2020 and global efforts for climate change mitigation.

The Australian newspaper has named four projects that have applied for the REDP:

1. Carnegie has applied for funding of their Commercial Demonstration Wave Power project ( called CETO, a JV between Investec & CSIRO spinoff Windlab Systems. The 50MW wave energy demonstration plant has an estimated cost of $300 million. This follow their recent success in winning a $156,567 Climate Ready grant for its green heat exchange technology.
2. Geodynamics is just completing a 1MW geothermal pilot plant for the town of Innamincka and has applied for $90 million in funding for an expanded facility,

3. Petratherm has put its hand up for one-third of the estimated $200 million cost of a 30MW geothermal energy plant near the Beverley uranium mine in South Australia

4. Greenearth Energy is applying for one-third of the estimated $60 million cost of a 10.7MW demonstration plant near Geelong

While the federal grants program REDP is now closed,The $40m NSW Renewable Energy Development Fund administered by the NSW government is likely to be open for round 2 later this year.
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