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Program Overview

Asia Gateway Vouchers offer funding of up to $50,000, on a one-to-one co-contribution basis, to support Victorian manufacturing businesses and organisations develop and implement market development plans to increased export and business activities with Victoria’s top Asian trading partners.

Asia Gateway Voucher Projects will build on the capabilities and connections they need to access and expand into China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Deadline date:

Round 1 of applications closed on Friday 2nd March 2018

Next round TBA

What grants or funding is available?

The Asia Gateway Vouchers offer funding of up to $50,000 to support the development and implementation of market development plans to increased export and business activities with key Asian markets.

Assistance is available to help businesses grow their export and market development capability that align to Program objectives:

  • Capitalising on growth opportunities in Asia – Voucher projects will increase immediate to short-term business activities with Asian markets.
  • Connecting and expanding into Asia – Voucher projects will provide businesses with the know-how, networks and skills for effective access to and expansion into Asian markets.
  • Increased Asia capabilities – Voucher projects will better position businesses and organisations for long term engagement with Asian markets.

Vouchers can be used to access tailored market development services from Registered Service Providers who specialize in Asia capabilities, export and market engagement.

Registered Service Providers will offer business access to the knowledge, expertise, networks and skills they need to effectively engage with Victoria’s top Asian trading markets.

What are the eligibility criteria?

Asia Gateway Vouchers are available to small to medium Victorian manufacturing businesses seeking to increase their export and business activity with an Asian market.

Applicants must meet the following criteria to be eligible for assistance under the program:

  • be a business registered in Victoria with an Australian Business Number (ABN);
  • meet any co-contribution requirements with eligible cash expenditure;
  • be a legal entity;
  • meet all industrial relations obligations as an employer in accordance with the National Employment Standards;
  • have an operating presence in Victoria;
  • employ between 20-200 staff or have an annual turnover of greater than $1.5 million (preference will be given to Applicants that employ less than 200 people);
  • conduct the majority of proposed activities in Victoria in partnership with an approved Service Provider; and
  • agree to participate in future program evaluation activity.

Eligible services under the Asia Gateway Voucher stream come under the overarching umbrella of Market Engagement which will assist companies and organisations to identify and secure Asian market development and export opportunities.

1 Voucher for 3 Services activities including:

  • Marketing and Branding Strategy Development
  • Market Development Plan
  • In-Market Support

Note: services that are not viewed as one-on-one, bespoke services to individual Victorian companies or organisations such as group trade missions, delegations, seminars, events, workshops and/or training are not eligible.

Commonwealth and State agencies and bodies are not eligible to apply.

What is the assessment criteria?

Applicants will be required to submit an application online in conjunction with a quotation (including a detailed Scope of Services) provided by a Service Provider such as Treadstone.

All questions in the application need to be completed to proceed to assessment.

A Departmental assessment panel will assess all voucher applications against the following assessment criteria and scoring:

  • 30% – Extent to which the proposed project and identified service activities support one or more, of the Voucher Stream objectives as described in the relevant Voucher Stream Appendix.
  • 30% – Extent to which the project, funded by the voucher, has the potential to benefit the company by reaching longer term outcomes (e.g new jobs, access to new markets and customers, new products and services and increased revenue).
  • 20% – Demonstrated capacity or capability to successfully implement the project or project findings (e.g. track record of company and resources to be allocated to the project).
  • 20% – The need for Government support for the project to proceed.

More information can be found in Boost Your Business Vouchers Program Guidelines.

How do I apply?

SMEs must first obtain a quote from a Registered Service Provider then submit and application with the RSP proposal.

Apply here:  Asia Gateway Voucher Application


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