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The Australian Tax Office (ATO) is now required to publish R&D tax claims an R&D entity two years after the end of the financial year. This means entities that lodged a 2022 company tax return with R&D tax offset with income year that began on or after 1 July 2021 will be included in the first publication that is expected sometime in September 2024.

Information to Publish All R&D Tax Claims

The information to be published from all R&D tax schedules lodged with the ATO include:

  • the name of the R&D entity
  • Australian business number (ABN) or Australian company number (ACN)
  • the entity’s total expenditure on R&D (known as total notional deductions claimed – label Z in Part A of the R&D tax incentive schedule) less any feedstock adjustments (label B in Part B of the R&D tax incentive schedule)

The ATO will base their information on what is provided to them in company tax return or the submitted amended return. If the commissioner amended the labels, the total expenditure on R&D based on the company return lodged prior to the commissioner-initiated amendment will be published.

ATO has notified all Tax Agents with the following message:

We’re writing to you now to:

  1. let you know which of your clients will be included in the data published in 2024 – refer to the attached client list
  2. give you and your clients time to review their R&D expenditure so that you understand what will be published
  3. provide an opportunity to correct any errors before we publish the data.

This new requirement was part of the changes made to the R&D tax incentive from 1 July 2021. For further information visit
We’re publishing this information to improve public accountability for R&D claimants and to encourage voluntary compliance with the R&D program.

Expert Assistance

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