Boost Your Business

Boost Your Business

The Boost Your Business Voucher Program is a Victorian Government initiative with the objective of helping businesses increase their productivity, employ more people, improve market access, and increase their scale, diversity and profitability.

Included in the Program is the Advancing Victorian Manufacturing Voucher which assists manufactures to access services, advice or expertise up to $50,000 from an approved service provider.

Manufactures with 20 to 200 staff or a turnover greater than $1.5 million may be eligible for a voucher up to $50,000 to spend on the following Treadstone advisory services:

Treadstone is an Approved Supplier -“Boost Your Business” Victorian Government Vouchers for up to $50,000

Under the “Boost Your Business” program we offer:

1. Business Process and Systems Improvements

To evaluate current business processes and/or systems to better inform strategies to be more competitive and efficient, for example:

  • Develop solutions to enhance business processes
  • Develop business plans or strategic plans
  • Benchmark current performance
  • Design and Implement Quality Management System for ISO9001

2. Market Development Plan

To optimize entry to a new market or grow business activities in an existing market, for example:

  • Market research to understand industry trends, gain customer insights and identify gaps in current strategy
  • Set strategic priorities to leverage market insights
  • Market expansion activities
  • Strategic partnerships and industry alignment opportunities
  • Identify pathways into global supply chains



Round 4 Voucher applications closed on 22nd December 2019.

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BYB recipients Round 3

Advanced Manufacturing Voucher Stream Round 3

  • Able Industries Engineering Pty Ltd
  • Air Radiators Pty Ltd
  • Annex Holdings Pty Ltd
  • Australian Turntable Company
  • Chris’s Body Builders
  • Darkon
  • Fitweld Engineering Pty Ltd
  • Hosico
  • Larsen Engineering Pty Ltd
  • Medmont International
  • Metrix Group Pty Ltd
  • Refuel International
  • Tuftmaster Carpets Pty Ltd
  • Vic Feed Operations Pty Ltd
  • Wastech Engineering

Asia Gateway Voucher Stream Round 3

  • Dominique Portet Winery
  • Slim Secrets Pty Ltd
  • Martellor Pty Ltd
  • Rationale Group Pty Ltd
  • Sukin Australia Pty Ltd
  • Alluvium Consultancy Pvt Ltd
  • Fonterra Brands (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • Osteon Medical
  • Organic Growers Group Pty Ltd
  • C.’s Quality Foods Pty Ltd
  • Baxter Laboratories
  • Alpha 60
  • Ego Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd
  • Luxury Escapes

Defence, Aerospace and Security Voucher Stream Round 3

  • Stahl Metall Engineering
  • Logistic Engineering Services Pty Ltd
  • All Sat Communications
  • Tectonica Australia Pty Ltd
  • LRM Technologies

Entrepreneurs with Disability Voucher Stream Round 3

  • Hire Torque Tools Victoria
  • Manage My Plan
  • Legless and Blind
  • Gecko Traxx
  • PrepareMe
  • Security One Pty Ltd
  • Byzantine Design Pty Ltd

Food Innovation Voucher Stream Round 3

  • Murray Gold Australia
  • Rizo Desserts
  • Glinka & D’Amelio Pty Ltd
  • True Foods Pty Ltd
  • Kinross Farm Pty Ltd
  • Aqua Rush Pty Ltd
  • Universal Village Trading Pty Ltd
  • Apennine Gourmet Foods
  • MM Hawkins Brippick
  • Sanguine Estate
  • Golden Health Pty Ltd
  • L. Ballantyne PTY LTD
  • The Little Red Roaster Company
  • Spark Breweries and Distilleries Pty Ltd
  • Sabi Foods International (Aust) Pty Ltd
  • Nuchev Food
  • Omar Cheese Pty Ltd


Social Enterprise Voucher Stream Round 3

  • Dja Dja Wrung Aboriginal Association Corporated
  • Centre for Multicultural Youth
  • Worn Gundidj
  • Ability Works Australia
  • Community Pop-up Markets Ltd.
  • The Foundation for Young Australians
  • Christie Centre Inc
  • Ellimatta Youth
  • GippsTech
  • Local Transit


Victoria-Israel Innovation Voucher Stream Round 3

  • Davey Water Products


BYB recipients Round 2

Advanced Manufacturing Voucher Stream Round 2

  • All Table Sports Australia Pty Ltd
  • Australian Precision Technologies Pty Ltd
  • Bendigo Pottery (Australia) Pty Ltd
  • CDS Worldwide Pty Ltd
  • Chocolate Kitchen Pty Ltd
  • Coolpac Pty Ltd
  • Cornerstone Solutions Pty Ltd
  • EDP Australia Pty Ltd
  • Effusiontech Pty Ltd
  • Elastomers Australia Equal Access Group Pty Ltd
  • Gale Pacific Pty Ltd
  • IXL Systems
  • Joolca Pty Limited
  • Kerfab Industries Pty Ltd
  • K-Mac Powerheads Pty Ltd
  • Mountain Milk Co-operative Ltd
  • Nexdor Systems
  • Palm Plastics
  • Repeat Plastics Australia Pty Ltd
  • Serenity Bedding Pty Ltd
  • Setec Pty Ltd
  • Smartech Door Systems Pty Ltd
  • Suzanne Harward Design Pty Ltd
  • Swanbuild Pty Ltd
  • Syncline Energy Pty Ltd
  • Terra Firma Industries Pty Ltd
  • Tieman Tankers
  • Vitasoy Australia Products Pty Ltd
  • Vivid industrial Pty Ltd
  • Volgren Australia Pty Ltd
  • Wilson Transformer Company Pty Ltd
  • XBlades Sports Australia Pty Ltd


Asia Gateway Voucher Stream Round 2

  • Access Australia Group
  • Aspect Studios Pty Ltd
  • Beechworth Honey Pty Ltd
  • Billi Australia Pty Ltd
  • Brown Brothers Milawa Vineyard Pty Ltd
  • Carman’s Fine Foods Pty Ltd
  • Crush Wine Distribution Pty Ltd
  • Cutri Fruit Pty Ltd
  • EasyPark ANZ Pty Ltd
  • Endota Spa
  • Football Federation Victoria
  • Formulytica Pty Limited
  • Harvest Box Pty Ltd
  • Kikki.K. Holdings Pty Ltd
  • Lyndoch Living Inc
  • Madame Flavour Pty Ltd
  • Marnong Estate Pty Ltd
  • Martin & Pleasance Wholesale Pty Ltd
  • Massons Healthcare
  • Meat Tender Pty Ltd
  • Murray River Organics Ltd
  • Natio Pty Ltd
  • Ore Research & Exploration Pty Ltd
  • Picnic Dairy Foods
  • Rubicon Systems Australia Pty Ltd
  • Shadowfax Winery Pty Ltd
  • St Kilda Football Club
  • Tennis Victoria
  • The Healthy Grain Pty Ltd
  • ViPlus Dairy Pty Ltd
  • Way Funky Company Pty Ltd


Food Innovation Voucher Stream Round 2

  • ARM Farming Pty Ltd
  • Australian Blending Company Pty Ltd
  • Australian Eatwell Pty Ltd
  • Australian Pumpkin Seed Company Pty Ltd
  • Bakers Delight Holdings Pty Ltd
  • Blackwood Lane Pty Ltd
  • Blue Bay Cheese
  • Borthwick Foods Retail
  • Cookie Concepts Pty Ltd
  • Digital Ink Technologies Pty Ltd
  • Floridia Cheese Pty Ltd
  • Forbidden Foods Pty Ltd
  • Forth Farm Produce
  • FPC Foods Plastics
  • Gippsland Jersey Pty Ltd
  • Heritage Fine Chocolates (Aust) Pty Ltd
  • Innovablend Pty Ltd
  • Jolly Miller Group
  • Jujube Australia
  • Kagome Australia Pty Ltd
  • Kyvalley Dairy Group Pty Ltd
  • Mountain Milk Co-operative Ltd
  • Mulgowie Fresh Pty Ltd
  • My Crazy Auntie’s Food Pty Ltd
  • Omar Cheese Pty Ltd
  • Orora Beverage Cans Australasia
  • ProPortion Foods
  • Ridley Agriproducts Pty Ltd
  • Rutherglen Brewery and Distillery
  • Southern Grains Pty Ltd
  • Table of Plenty
  • The Product Makers (Aust) Pty Ltd


Social Enterprise Voucher Stream Round 2

  • AND Institute
  • Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Inc.
  • Australian African Foundation for Retention and Opportunity
  • Barefoot Pathways Transitional Training Centre
  • Brite Services
  • Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies (CERES)
  • Clickability Pty Ltd
  • Dumu Balcony Café
  • Geelong Ethnic Communities Inc
  • Good Shepherd Microfinance
  • Guide Dogs Victoria
  • Hepburn Wind
  • Indigenous Employment Partners Ltd
  • Fighting Chance Australia (Jigsaw)
  • Lentil as Anything Inc.
  • Mackillop Family Services
  • Martial Arts Therapy Pty Ltd
  • Open Food Services Pty Ltd
  • Preston Neighbourhood House Inc
  • Reach Enterprises
  • Social Enterprise Catering Solutions
  • Springvale Learning and Activities Centre Inc
  • Start Broadband Pty Ltd
  • The Horizon Committee Inc
  • Transition Village Wallan Inc
  • Yooralla
  • Youth Projects Limited


Defence, Aerospace and Security Voucher Stream Round 2

  • Australian Maritime Technologies
  • Cablex Pty Ltd
  • Clarinox Technologies Pty Ltd
  • Doen Pacific Pty Ltd
  • LRM Technologies
  • Red Baron ALSE
  • RMR Engineering
  • Tieman Tankers
  • Towers Group
  • Uniform Safety Signs

Victoria-Israel Innovation Voucher Stream Round 2

  • InWenTech Pty Ltd
  • Scinogy Pty Ltd


BYB recipients Round 1

Advanced Manufacturing Voucher Stream Round 1

  • Air Radiators Pty Ltd
  • ANCA Pty Ltd
  • Andatech Pty Ltd
  • Boron Molecular Pty Limited
  • Brimarco
  • Composite Materials Engineering Pty Ltd
  • Crawford Containers Pty Ltd
  • Effusiontech Pty Ltd
  • Fallshaw Holdings Pty Ltd
  • Interlink Sprayers Pty Ltd
  • Javac Pty Ltd
  • Maclab Australia Pty Ltd
  • Medical Developments International Ltd
  • Milawa Cheese Company Pty Ltd
  • Morse Wind Turbine Parts
  • Padula Serums Pty Ltd
  • Palm Plastics
  • Rectifier Technologies Pacific Pty Ltd
  • RMR Engineering
  • Snooza Pet Products
  • Total Beauty Network Pty Ltd


Asia Gateway Voucher Stream Round 1  

  • Amino Active International Pty Ltd
  • Andatech Pty Ltd
  • Aware Environmental Ltd
  • Burra Foods Pty Ltd
  • CaseWare Australia & New Zealand
  • Creswick Woollen Mills Pty Ltd
  • Downunder Recreational Tours Pty Ltd
  • Grunbiotics Pty Ltd
  • Kingfisher International Pty Ltd
  • Lincara Pty Ltd MIG Textiles Pty Ltd
  • Nourish Foods Pty Ltd
  • Purebaby Pty Ltd
  • Riverland Bar
  • Royal Mail Hotel
  • Silvan Australia Pty Ltd
  • Skin Health Pty Ltd
  • The Heat Group Pty Ltd
  • The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria Ltd
  • UniGrain Pty Ltd
  • WattleHealth Australia Ltd


Food Innovation Vouchers  Round 1

  • 8 Food Pty Ltd
  • Australian Organic Honey Company Pty Ltd
  • Bio-E Australia Pty Ltd
  • Christie Centre Inc
  • Corrigans Produce Farms Pty Ltd
  • Diver Foods Australia Pty Ltd
  • Floridia Cheese Pty Ltd
  • Halcyon Proteins Pty Ltd
  • Kansom Australia Pty Ltd
  • Kez’s Kitchen
  • Koala Cherries Pty Ltd
  • Kyvalley Dairy Group Pty Ltd
  • Lake Boga Pastoral
  • Madame Flavour Pty Ltd
  • Marathon Food Industries Pty Ltd
  • Mirfak Pty Ltd
  • Nutrifield Pty Ltd
  • Omniverse Foster Packaging Group Pty Ltd
  • Robins Foods Pty Ltd
  • Rosella Group Pty Ltd
  • Schreurs & Sons Pty Ltd
  • Select Harvests Ltd
  • Sonic Essentials Pty Ltd
  • The Product Makers Pty Ltd
  • Tiverton
  • Tiverton Agriculture Impact Fund
  • Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods Pty Ltd
  • YV Fresh Pty Ltd


Social Enterprise Capability Vouchers Round 1

  • 10XL Group Pty Ltd
  • Ability Works Australia Ltd
  • Access Australia Group Ltd
  • Earthworker Cooperative
  • Free To Ltd
  • Good Cycles Ltd
  • Green Collect Ltd
  • Guide Dogs Victoria
  • HoMie Street Store
  • Ladder
  • Learmonth Cider Pty Ltd
  • Mallee Rising Pty Ltd
  • Momentary Pty Ltd
  • Outlook (Vic) Inc
  • SisterWorks Inc
  • Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre Inc
  • St Kilda Community Housing
  • Streat Ltd
  • The Centre for Continuing Education Inc
  • The Social Foundry Ltd
  • Try Australia
  • Westgate Community Initiative Group Inc
  • Young Change Agents Ltd


To find out more, call now to confirm your voucher eligibility:  contact us. 

All calls are treated as confidential.


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