Boost Your Business

Boost Your Business

The Boost Your Business Voucher Program is a Victorian Government initiative with the objective of helping businesses increase their productivity, employ more people, improve market access, and increase their scale, diversity and profitability.

Included in the Program is the Advancing Victorian Manufacturing Voucher which assists manufactures to access services, advice or expertise up to $50,000 from an approved service provider.

Manufactures with 20 to 200 staff or a turnover greater than $1.5 million may be eligible for a voucher up to $50,000 to spend on the following Treadstone advisory services:

Treadstone is an Approved Supplier -“Boost Your Business” Victorian Government Vouchers for up to $50,000

Treadstone is an approved supplier for the Boost Your Business Program.

Under the “Boost Your Business” program we offer:

1. Business Process and Systems Improvements

To evaluate current business processes and/or systems to better inform strategies to be more competitive and efficient, for example:

  • Develop solutions to enhance business processes
  • Develop business plans or strategic plans
  • Benchmark current performance

2. Market Development Plan

To optimize entry to a new market or grow business activities in an existing market, for example:

  • Market research to understand industry trends, gain customer insights and identify gaps in current strategy
  • Set strategic priorities to leverage market insights
  • Market expansion activities
  • Strategic partnerships and industry alignment opportunities
  • Identify pathways into global supply chains



Round 2 Voucher applications are not closed until after the Victorian State elections in Nov 2018. 

To find out more call us now to confirm your voucher eligibility on m: 0429 051 108, or contact us. 

All calls are treated as confidential.

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Technology Commercialisation

Do you have a products or ideas that are ready to roll out to markets?

Our aim is to help you realise your full potential

Treadstone’s consulting team have a breadth of experience working with international world-class experts across many disciplines including ICT, Engineering, Agri, Food, Science and Mining.

This experience includes development of:

  • Business Plans
  • Commercialisation Plans
  • Export Marketing Plans
  • Marketing Plans
  • Market Research

Our areas of speciality include:

  • Understanding export markets
  • Market opportunity analysis
  • Market entry planning and distribution partnering
  • Commercialisation of new innovative technologies in overseas markets
  • Export market entry road mapping
  • Goal setting and action oriented solutions
  • Executive mentoring
  • International market visits and tradeshow assistance

Call us on (03) 9008 5937 for a confidential discussion about your market potential.

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