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Breakthrough Victoria has rolled out a $2 billion fund to find the breakthrough in health and life sciences, clean economy, advanced manufacturing, agri-food, and digital technology. This funding program aims is to help talented innovators and businesses to shape their IP, commercialise their research and connect with partners that can bring their ideas to life. This is continuously open for applications, focusing investment efforts in the following priority sectors:

Overview and Fund Amount

There are five investment programs under this fund.

Note these are not grants.

Each program has specific requirements:

  1. Pre-Seed – typical investment size of up to $150k. This involves proof of concept, pre-revenue and pre-mature prototype for early-stage investments.
  1. Venture Capital – typical investment size of $1-15 million. This program focuses on direct equity investment in innovative businesses.
  1. Growth Capital – typical investment size of $20-40 million. Suitable for mature businesses looking to expand existing innovative products or services into new markets.
  1. Platform – typical investment value of $25 million.  Investments in core platforms across industry, medical research institutes and universities.
  2. Fund Investment – typical investment value of $25 million.  Partnerships with the impact investment funds to bring Breakthrough Victoria capital alongside other institutional and retail investors.

Eligibility Criteria

Overarching eligibility will allow businesses and entities if they are from research organisations, including universities and research institutes; or companies of any size, at the pre-revenue or revenue stage; or joint ventures, consortia, special purpose vehicles, comprising either industry or research organisations, or a combination with business focus on the listed priority sectors for the development of the State of Victoria.

Projects should also:

  • have cross-sectoral application
  • include industry partnerships
  • leverage existing investment or have the potential to attract further co-investment
  • demonstrate or outline a viable plan for future funding to reach financial sustainability

To better showcase what you’re working on, please share your pitch deck that must address the following

  • Problem / opportunity (Outline the problem statement.)
  • Solution (What makes your solution an innovative and how does it address the problem?)
  • Market size (How big is the market and how do you plan to enter the market?)
  • Competitors (How is your solution better than your competitors consider your defensible position and sustainable competitive advantage?)
  • Traction (What progress have you made so far?)
  • Business model (How will your start-up be financially sustainable? Consider how you make money.)
  • Team background (Why are you the winning team? Consider team’s relevant background.)
  • How will you have an impact in Victoria
  • Your funding ask from Victoria and what will the funding enable your startup to achieve

A content list for your initial pitch deck can be found here.

Current Investments

Below is a list of some of the companies Breakthrough Victoria has invested in.

Expert Assistance

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