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The Collaborative Internet Innovation Fund (CIIF) is a $15 million competitive government grants program to accelerate the innovative use of next generation ICT by Victorian government.

This Government Grant provides funding to support early adopters of these new technologies to undertake collaborative projects that develop new ways of working and solving problems.

The Collaborative Internet Innovation Fund (CIIF) aims to support more widespread adoption of Web 2.0 technologies, such as wikis, blogs, social networking sites, image-based interfaces, video sharing sites, information mash-ups and virtual worlds. It also includes a range of new internet-based capabilities, such as user-generated content, collective intelligence, reusable and remixable data, and open access sharing and collaboration.

Funding Details

The Collaborative Internet Innovation Fund (CIIF) will typically be made available to projects with 1 to 2 year funding profiles, with funding requests in the range $100,000 to $500,000 per project. Project co-contributions (cash and in-kind) must match on a 1:1 basis with funding sought from the program.

Collaborative Internet Innovation Fund (CIIF) Projects in the first funding round are expected to commence no later than December 2009. In round one $7 million dollars is available for approved projects. Matched funding may also come from other sources, such as other government funding programs and philanthropic organisations.

Lead Organisations

Lead organisations in the Collaborative Internet Innovation Fund (CIIF) must be one of the following:

  • A Victorian-based industry association or body
  • State Government department, statutory authority or agency
  • Local Government organisation
  • Not-for-profit organisation.

The lead organisation cannot be a private enterprise.

Eligible Expenditure

Collaborative Internet Innovation Fund funding can be applied to, but is not limited to, the following types of project based expenditure:

  • Salary and on-costs for new staff
  • Purchase or lease of new technology and equipment, such as hardware, software, devices, bandwidth, databases
  • Professional services, such as project management, change management, training services, ICT expertise, policy development
  • Administration and project management
  • Other costs involved in project implementation, such as the formation of new collaborations, data access regimes, evaluation or communication activities.

Purposes for which CIIF funding is not eligible under the program are:

  • Research and development for a new ICT product or service
  • Commercialisation of a new ICT product or service
  • Continuation of an existing project or activity
  • Substitution of existing operational and/or staffing costs.

Project Checklist

The following questions might help to see if your project idea is suited to the Collaborative Internet Innovation Fund:

  • Is it seeking to solve a problem, delivering a solution or creating a new way of working using ICT?
  • Does it involve combining, managing, analysing or sharing large amounts of rich information or data in a more user friendly way?
  • Are innovative, internet based technologies appropriate to tackling the problem or designing a soluti
  • Is collaboration the answer? Are there drivers for organisations to work together to solve the problem, or a community of interest around a shared solution?
  • Would your idea benefit from the involvement and contribution of others, such as your peers, clients, stakeholders or the public?

Treadstone assists business/collaborative groups with all aspects of the Collaborative Internet Innovation Fund (CIIF) to ensure that the submission is as strong as possible

Round 1 applications for Collaborative Internet Innovation Fund close Thursday 5 March 2009.

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