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The Collaborative Networks Pilot Program is a new $1.5 million initiative of the Victorian Government announced in December 2011 by the Minister for Innovation, Services and Small Business Louise Asher.

This new pilot program aims to:

  • build a collaborative culture and strategic partnerships between businesses and the research sector, to improve the commercialisation of innovation and new technologies as well as boost productivity
  • provide incentives for a more responsive and accessible research and development sector
  • maximise diffusion of innovation across firms, in particular SMEs and across the economy
  • accelerate productive use of new technologies by Victorian firms, particularly SMEs
  • introduce good management practices for knowledge assets in research establishments
  • improve the opportunities for and performance of licensing technology that adds value to Victorian firms, particularly SMEs.


Who is this program for?

Service providers and industry-led consortia interested in working with industry and the Government to build strategic partnerships to commercialise existing and emerging technologies, and to accelerate the use of new technologies by Victorian firms, particularly SMEs.

To be eligible, applications are open to partnerships between organisations including, but not limited to:

  • private firms (small and medium)
  • industry associations
  • universities and other post-secondary educational institutions
  • research institutes
  • cooperative Research Centres
  • public not-for-profit organisations
  • Victorian Government agencies and other Government agencies active in Victoria.


How do I submit a proposal?

Funding proposals will be accepted no later than 3.30pm, Friday 27 January 2012.

Complete the application form (DOC 199Kb) and submit either:

Electronically to

Proposals must be submitted in PDF format and signed by and sent from the office of the CEO or Executive Director to confirm certification.

Hard copy to Manager, Commercialisation
Collaborative Network Pilot Program
Innovation and Technology Division
Department of Business and Innovation
Level 35, 121 Exhibition Street

Hard copy proposals must have six (6) single-sided hard copies of the completed proposal and duly certified by the CEO or Executive Director.

Before submitting your proposal please read the Guidelines and Notes for Applicants (PDF 41Kb)



For further information contact Aithne Quin, Project Officer, Commercialisation,, telephone: 03 9651 8032.

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