New Grants

Round 8 includes $20 million in funding for projects that address reducing plastic waste and boosting plastics recycling and over $10 million for projects developing Australia’s critical minerals capability. The round is also open to all other industry sectors.


What is the funding for?

CRC-P Round 8 will support short-term industry-led collaborative research with funding available to all industry sectors. This round will also include dedicated funding to support projects with a focus on:

  • reducing plastic waste or boosting plastics recycling ($20m)
  • critical minerals ($10m).

Critical minerals are a group of minerals considered essential for a nation’s economic and strategic security and which are vulnerable to disruptions in supply. They are necessary in manufacturing high-tech and high-value products including electric vehicles, battery storage, electronics, mobile devices, defence technologies and other industrial applications. Australia has a wealth of critical minerals, opening up an exciting new future for our resources sector.


Eligible activities must directly relate to the project and can include:

  • new research
  • proof of concept activities
  • pre-commercialisation of research outcomes
  • industry-focused education and training activities, such as internships and secondments between industry entities and research organisations
  • conferences, workshops, symposia related to the joint research
  • related information sharing and communication initiatives related to the joint research.


$30 million in funding was allocated to these successful applicants during the previous round 7:

TitleTotal Grant amount
Dentistry without mercury – Glass fibre reinforced flowable dental composite restorative materials$3,000,000
Privacy-Preserving Analytics for the Education Technology Industry$1,955,171
Growing the medicinal cannabis industry - precision farming to pharmaceuticals$2,904,001
Transforming Pressure Injury diagnosis and healing in Aged Care through smart 3D camera automation$1,500,000
Volgren Design & Manufacture of the Next Generation E-Bus for the Global Market **$2,900,000
Live Inbound Milk Supply Chain Monitoring and Logistics for Productivity and Competitiveness$600,000
The CRC-P for Advanced Hybrid Batteries **$3,000,000
Trial of Battery-grade manganese production pilot-plant, capable of utilising low-grade ores **$1,342,223
Optimising Nitrogen Recovery from Livestock Waste for Multiple Production and Environmental Benefits$2,819,189
Dehydrating Coal Seam Gas using Membranes$478,788
Next-generation antibiotics to fight antimicrobial resistance$730,797
Using AI and a hybrid ESS solution to fully integrate solar generation into the distribution system***$3,000,000
Innovative Value Adding of Manganese Battery Minerals for a Sustainable Future **$1,130,000
Quantum Data Protection - qMini$2,945,179
Rapid, in-field molecular diagnostics of plant, animal and environmental pathogens and pests$1,380,000
Development of a new commercial-scale process for producing high purity graphite (>99.95%) **$812,999


Eligibility – who can access this grant?

Collaborations from all industry sectors, research disciplines and community sectors
can apply.

To be eligible as a lead applicant you must:

  • have an Australian Business Number (ABN) and be:
  • an entity incorporated in Australia and a trading corporation, where your trading activities
    • form a sufficiently significant proportion of the corporation’s overall activities as to merit it
      being described as a trading corporation; or
    • are a substantial and not merely peripheral activity of the corporation

Each CRC-P must include and maintain amongst its project partners at least:

  • two Australian industry entities including at least one SME, and
  • one Australian research organisation.

Partners from existing or former CRCs or CRC-Ps can be partners in other CRCs or CRC-Ps. Partners do not need to commit for the entire project period. All partners must contribute resources to the CRC-P. Partners’ proposed cash and in-kind contributions are treated equally for the purposes of calculating the maximum grant amount.

To be eligible your project must:

  • have at least $200,000 in total eligible project value
  • include eligible activities
  • be a short term, industry-identified and industry-led collaborative research project to develop a product, service or process that will solve problems for industry and deliver tangible outcomes
  • benefit SMEs and increase their capacity to grow and adapt in changing markets
  • include education and training activities.

For more information on eligibility please refer to the grant opportunity guidelines.


How do I apply?

When a CRC Projects selection round opens you can complete an application online
through the Portal.

  • The agreed authorised representative must complete the application form.
  • You must identify an appropriate contact person that we can talk to in relation
    to your application.

Round 8 applications close at 17.00 AEST on 24 September 2019

To apply, fill in the online application form. You should read the grant opportunity guidelines, sample grant agreement and factsheets before you apply. Grant opportunity guidelines provide detailed information on the grant opportunity, including granting activity objectives; all eligibility and merit criteria; the assessment processes; reporting and acquittal requirements; and a description of review mechanisms.


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