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The Defence Innovation Hub invests in innovative technologies that can enhance Defence capability and grow the Australian defence industry and innovation sector. The Government has invested around $3 billion over the next decade in Defence innovation as part of the 2020 Force Structure Plan.

Challenge Statement

Special Notice: Next Generation Personal Electronic Countermeasures System for Defence

Challenge Owner: DG Systems and Integration, Army Headquarters

Open date and time: 16/8/2021

Closing date and time: 14/10/2021 12:00 PM (ACT local time)

Outcome date: February 2022

Total Procurement Value: $5,000,000 (GST exclusive)

This Request For Proposal (RFP) comprises this Challenge Statement, the Request For Proposal Terms, and the Evaluation Criteria and Process. This procurement is open to Respondents registered in Australia and New Zealand.

Defence’s objective of the RFP is to conduct a detailed evaluation of Proposals to select a number of Respondents to enter into an Innovation Contract with Defence to deliver a prototype system for the Australian Army within 18 months (from contract commencement). Respondents may need to satisfy security requirements to review and hold information classified up to SECRET. This material has limited release to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

If your prototype will not be ready in this timeframe, you should not respond to this RFP.  An alternative is to consider submitting an Innovation Proposal through the Defence Innovation Hub portal.

Evaluation Criteria

The Proposal will be evaluated, in the context of the applicable capability sub-theme, against the following evaluation criteria, not in any order of importance:

  • Suitability — The extent to which the proposed innovation could further the effectiveness of a Defence capability, enterprise or technology challenge.
  • Feasibility — The extent to which the proposed innovation will be able to be developed and adopted with relevant Defence systems, from a technology perspective.
  • Timeliness — The anticipated timeframe that the proposed innovation would require to realise a positive impact on Defence capability.
  • Contribution to Australia’s Defence industry capability — The extent to which the proposed innovation has the potential to improve or contribute to Australia’s Defence Industry capability and capacity.
  • Cost — The cost of the proposed innovation, including contract price, Defence items and any other costs to Defence. Allowable and unallowable costing details are provided within the Budget Calculator.
  • Organisational Capability and Capacity — The extent to which the Respondent is capable of, and has the capacity to, successfully progress the proposed innovation now and into the future.

Interested participants are strongly advised to read carefully through the criteria set by the Defence here.

Expert Assistance

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