New Grants


The Department of Defence is seeking industry proposals for participation in the Capability and Technology Demonstrator ( CTD ) Program.   The CTD Program assists in the improvement of priority Defence capabilities by providing Australian Industry with an opportunity to demonstrate their technology, thereby allowing Defence to assess its potential and associated risks.

Proposals need to address a Defence capability priority and are required to demonstrate their potential within three years.   Some current areas of interest which applicants might wish to consider include, but are not limited to:

  • Applications to support operational decision making
  • Autonomous detection and neutralisation of underwater IEDs
  • Battlefield energy generation, storage and reduction (in size and weight)
  • Collision avoidance technologies for smaller UAVs
  • Counter-mine and IED detection and neutralisation
  • Counter-underwater saboteur systems
  • Helicopter landing aid (brownout conditions)
  • Individual soldier equipment weight reductions
  • Innovations in deployable communications
  • Innovative weapons and counter measures
  • Launch and recovery systems for UUV
  • Lightweight armour for personnel and equipment
  • Military platform signature management
  • Miniaturization of platforms and components
  • Modelling and simulation to support acquisition, operations and planning, or network communications training
  • Modular mission based payloads for multi-role Naval platforms
  • Navigation/communications for autonomous land, sea and air vehicles
  • Networking – architectures and systems integration for platforms and dismounted soldiers
  • Non-lethal weapons and scalable effects
  • Penetrating and low collateral damaage warheads for current and planned precision munitions
  • Platform survivability technologies
  • Robotics and unmanned systems
  • Sensors/weapons applicable to complex enviornments
  • Situational awareness for small naval craft and for degraded visual environments
  • Space situational awareness
  • Tactical LIDAR
  • Tools and techniques for the management of Service Orientated Architectures
  • Vehicle stabilisation technologies
  • Wireless, low intercept tactical communication

Applicants are encouraged to discuss their CTD proposals with the Capability Development Group of Defence, and with the relevant research division of the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO).  The CTD Program Office can assist prospective applicants with relevant Defence contacts and with completing their proposals.

Proposals must originate from within Australian industry or involve substantial Australian industry participation.   Proposals offering standard product lines will not normally be successful under the CTD program, unless applied in a novel manner to improve Defence capability.

Project funding is expected to commence in July 2011, although some companies may be funded for detailed proposal development or specific activities at an earlier date (conditions apply).

Submissions close 23 July 2010.

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