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Design2Thrive is a Victorian Government initiative for Victorian SME’s and NFP organisations.  It is an interactive 12 month immersion in design-led thinking across strategy, culture, marketing and product design. Design2Thrive uses world’s best practice to educate and empower owners and senior managers to realise their vision, aspirations and successfully achieve their company’s full potential.

Delivered by three industry leaders, the program focuses on identifying issues and opportunities, developing a practical action plan, providing tools and mentoring to empower and support teams to achieve successful implementation.

What Is The Funding For?

Financial support with upwards of $85,000 in consulting services available to each company joining the program. Each participating company will also be asked to provide a co-contribution of $10,500 towards the overall cost of this 12 month program.

Not-For-Profit organisations can apply for a tailored program with over $45,000 worth of consulting fees directed to each organisation that is accepted into the program.


Am I Eligible?

To be eligible, your organisation must:

  • Have annual turnover of at least $2 million
  • Be a registered company in Victoria, Australia.

The program:





How Do I Apply?

Places are limited! You can fill in an online application form here to start the ball rolling.


About Treadstone

Working with Treadstone means you get the maximum rebate you are entitled to with minimum risk and effort. We provide expert advice and take care of your application, allowing you to continue to focus on your essential business operations.

Treadstone is an experienced, outcome focused business with a proven track record of success since 2008.

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