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What is the Digital Enterprise initiative?

The Australian Government will provide funding of $12.4 million over three years from 2011–12 to establish a Digital Enterprise initiative that will help small-to-medium enterprises and not-for-profit organisations (including local cultural organisations) in local communities to first benefit from the National Broadband Network (NBN) to better understand how they can maximise the opportunities from greater digital engagement, enabled by the NBN. The initiative has been established to contribute to the government’s vision that Australia will become a leading global digital economy by 2020.

More details about this vision are available in the National Digital Economy Strategy at

Who will benefit from the Digital Enterprise initiative?

The initiative will provide group training seminars as well as one-on-one advice to small-to-medium businesses and not-for-profit organisations on how they can use the NBN to make greater use of online opportunities to grow and enhance their businesses efficiently and better achieve their organisational goals.

Where will the Digital Enterprise initiative be offered?

The initiative will be offered progressively to 40 communities to first benefit from the NBN. Rollout of the initiative will be aligned to the NBN rollout schedule. For more information about the NBN rollout, visit

Who will deliver the Digital Enterprise initiative services?

The initiative will be delivered by local Digital Enterprise service providers. These service providers may include local businesses, not-for-profits, local governments, community service organisations or vocational training centres located in each of the 40 communities to which this initiative will extend.

How do I apply for funding to deliver Digital Enterprise initiative services?

Consultations, including with relevant regional development authorities and local councils, on the guidelines for the initiative will take place starting in June 2011. Once the guidelines and program funding are finalised, applications from service providers to deliver the Digital Enterprise initiative will be sought in competitive funding rounds which will be advertised in the local media. Information on eligibility and selection criteria will also be made available at

Funding for each service provider will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis and may vary based on demand for services in the local area.

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