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Digital Hubs Directory

From September, the Digital Hubs program will set up  a directory of ICT solutions that are enhanced by high speed broadband.

This directory will be used by potential applicants to assist in the selection of appropriate NBN enabled applications and services to demonstrate in Digital Hubs.

The registration process is now live and ICT companies can now submit registrations online:


What is the Digital Hubs program?

The Digital Hubs program is a $17 million initiative of the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy (DBCDE).

Its purpose is to increase the online engagement of Australians, addressing the digital divide between those who engage online and those who do not, and provide residents a better understanding of the opportunities created by the National Broadband Network by demonstrating applications enabled by high speed broadband.

Why should your business engage with the Digital Hubs program?

Digital Hubs will emphasise broadband benefits to citizens in four key areas:

  • health,
  • education,
  • business
  • in the home.


We are seeking NBN-enabled solutions that align with at least one of these key areas.

As the NBN reaches early release sites, local councils and community groups will be asked to bid for the establishment of a Digital Hubs in their areas. The expectation of government is that these bids will be accompanied by initiatives drawn from AIIA’s Digital Hubs Register. Community groups will use information provided by vendors on this register to inform their purchasing.

The advantage of submitting this form now is that you are more likely to get ‘first mover’ advantage when the site is released. The initial applicants will be reviewed by DBCDE prior to the site’s release in early September. Online applicants will be evaluated in a subsequent stage after the site launch.

Why is AIIA leading this initiative?

As a part of the Memorandum between DBCDE and the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), AIIA is assisting DBCDE to engage with the ICT Industry and identify relevant applications and service providers to establish the Digital Hubs Directory. The Directory is open to every company in the Australian ICT industry.

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