Are you eligible for the Export Market Development Grant (EMDG)?
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For the industry category of Film and Media:

Eligible expenses

  • Distributor fees, retainer payments, office rent and travel expenses paid to an overseas rep to promote your film
  • Marketing consultant fees for market research or export planning
  • Sales and marketing trips to attend trade shows, industry conferences or deliver sales demonstrations
  • Expenses to attend or exhibit at industry events including Cannes, SXSW, Hot Docs.
  • Costs incurred to hold a private event, launch party to promote your film to potential buyers
  • General promotional expenses paid to third parties including bloggers, PR fees, Google AdWords, business card printing, paid advertising in magazines or online
  • Costs to register your trademark in countries other than Australia, NZ, Iran and North Korea

Ineligible expenses

  • Commission payments
  • Production and distribution costs
  • Legal fees other than those related to registering your trademark as described above
  • Expenses relating to the promotion of your products/services to Australia, NZ, Iran and North Korea

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