New Grants

Extended Deadline

The EMDG grant deadline for 2017-18 Grant year applications is 30th November 2018.   However  there is an extended deadline for application submitted through approved EMDG Consultants.  EMDG extended deadline is 28th February 2019.

Treadstone EMDG consultants are on the EMDG QIP consultant list, which means you don’t need to stress. ?

Tips for last minute EMDG applications

If you are submitting your EMDG application yourself or through an accountant here are some tips to make sure you get your application in on time:

  1. Check the maximum expenses in each category.   You can put in more expenses than the maximum but it means extra work for little gain.
  2. Start with the large expenses items that are easy to identify and apportion, like trade shows and adwords.
  3. Remember you get $350 per day of travel if your activity is marketing or sales.  You do not need to find accommodation, meals or taxi receipts.
  4. Check that you have reimbursed all expenses claimed or they will be ineligible
  5. Flights paid for by points are not eligible, but you could still claim the $350 per day if the trip was promotional purposes.

Not sure if you are eligible ?

If this is your first application you should check if you are eligible for EMDG before starting your application..

Try our quick EMDG eligibility wizard.  or download our EMDG ebook. 

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