New Grants

On Monday 11th April, Austrade officially announced changes to the EMDG legislation for export grants which were passed by both houses of Parliament on 23rd March 2016.

The changes for EMDG expenses are as follows:

1. The removal communications as an eligible expenditure category including the automatic three per cent increase to a claim for this category. Due to the low cost of international communication and the availability of free communication tools it is no longer relevant to include these expenses.

2. The free sample expenditure category will be capped at $15,000 per application. Note that for applicants who submit their first claim in 2017 to cover expenses in the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 financial years, there will be no cap on this category.

3. An increase in the overseas visitor allowance (OVA) to $350 per day, up from $300 per day. Removal of in-country travel (other than airfares) as a eligible expenses. In the 2016 financial year you can claim other travel such as car hire, petrol, taxis, train and bus travel however from the 2017 financial year you will no longer be able to claim these expenses.

These changes will not affect any applications covering the 2016 financial year and will come into effect from 1st July 2017.

If you have any questions on how these changes will affect your company and your rebate feel free to call me at any time to discuss.

Get started early for FY16
Finally, just a reminder that applications for the 2016 year open on 1st July 2016, if you would like to get your application in early, call or email to set up a meeting and get the ball rolling

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