New Grants

The Parliamentary Secretary for Trade, Justine Elliot, said today (18/2/11) that the Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) scheme had attracted more than 4,500 claims from Australian businesses for expenditure made in 2009-10. The total value of these claims is approximately $211 million.

The EMDG scheme helps export-focused small and medium-sized Australian businesses become sustainable exporters by providing partial reimbursement of certain export promotion expenses.

Businesses with approved grants of up to $27,500 will receive the full value of their EMDG claims. Applications for grants in excess of $27,500 are expected to be paid at the rate of between 45 and 65 cents in the dollar on the balance of claims above $27,500.

These payment amounts are the result of strong demand for this popular program and a finite pool of funds.

“To help exporters deal with the aftermath of the financial crisis the Government provided an extra $50 million in additional funding in each of the past two financial years,” Ms Elliot said.

“However, in keeping with the Government’s commitment to return the Budget to surplus, total funding for the EMDG scheme has returned to its historical average.”

Treadstone is listed on the Austrade website as an EMDG consultant.

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