New Grants


The Export Market Development Grants Amendment Bill 2013 has been introduced in Parliament. The Bill contains the following changes to the EMDG Act:

  • increase the maximum number of grants to eight (excluding approved bodies and joint ventures)
  • exclude expenses relating to the promotion of sales to the markets of the USA, Canada and the European Union in grant years six, seven and eight for all applicants except approved bodies
  • remove the limit on administrative expenditure from the legislation and introduce a power for the Minister to set the limit on administrative expenditure by determination
  • prevent further approval of joint ventures after 30 June 2013
  • remove event promoters from the EMDG scheme
  • prevent the payment of grants to applicants engaging an EMDG consultant assessed to not be a fit and proper person
  • enable a grant to be paid more quickly where a grant is determined before 1 July following the balance distribution
  • require applicants to acquit claims by individually paying for claimed expenses.

For more information about what you can claim on  EMDG and how Treadstone can assist you with your application for EMDG 2012 call us on 03 9008 5937.


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