New Grants

The Export Marketing Development Grant program run by Austrade is currently underfunded.  Although you may have eligible claims, you may not receive the full amount.   Payment for the EMDG program in financial year 2008-2009 was split into the first payment of $50k and the remaining payment was paid out of the pool.   From the Austrade website:

1. The initial payment ceiling amount is the maximum amount payable as an initial payment to eligible EMDG applicants. This amount is determined in June each year before the application period opens. The initial payment ceiling amount for the 2008-09 Grant Year is $50,000.

If your provisional grant entitlement is above the initial payment ceiling amount, you will be paid:

a) part of your entitlement in an initial payment equal to the initial payment ceiling amount shortly after Austrade has determined your application, and
b)  second tranche payment at the end of the financial year

2. The value of your second tranche payment will be based on two factors:

  1. the amount of your provisional grant entitlement above the initial payment ceiling amount
  2. a payout factor that Austrade will determine at the end of the financial year based on the amount of EMDG funds remaining in the EMDG budget once all recipients’ initial payments have been made

The second tranche payout factor for 2008-09 grant year applications is 73.94 per cent. This means that, 2008-09 grant year applicants qualifying for a second tranche (above $50,000) payment will receive 73.94 cents in the dollar of their provisional grant entitlement above $50,000.

You should not plan or make financial commitments which assume you will receive any particular level of second tranche payment for which you provisionally qualify. Austrade accepts no liability for any loss arising from the actions of an applicant who assumes any particular level of payment under the EMDG scheme.

To find out how Treadstone can help you with your EMDG for the 2010 financial year call us on  (03) 9016 3575.

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