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What is the HazWaste Fund?

The HazWaste Fund is designed to support industry to accelerate reductions in the volume and hazard of hazardous waste (or prescribed industrial waste) generated in Victoria.

What are the objectives of the HazWaste Fund?

  • reduce hazardous waste to landfill
  • reduce the hazard category of hazardous waste disposed to landfill
  • increase remediation of contaminated soil.

Who is eligible to apply for the HazWaste Fund?

The HazWaste Fund is primary targeted to organisations that undertake the following operations;

  • generate and dispose solid hazardous waste to landfill
  • generate and dispose solid or liquid hazardous waste to a treatment company
  • treat, recycle, remediate or reuse hazardous waste
  • own or develop land that is partially or fully contaminated

Other organisations that may be eligible for HazWaste Fund support include:

  • consultants
  • research organisations
  • other funding agencies
  • hazardous waste landfill owners and operators.

What sorts of projects are eligible for support from the HazWaste Fund?

Support is available for projects targeted at reducing the volume or hazard of hazardous waste disposed to landfill.  Eligible wastes include hazardous wastes from manufacturing processes and contaminated soil.

  • infrastructure and implementation projects
  • research and development (R&D), and demonstration projects
  • knowledge and capacity-building projects.

What level of funding is available?

There is no predetermined limit to the amount of financial support available from the HazWaste Fund for individual projects.  However, the level of funding sought should reflect the extent to which the proposal meets the objectives of the HazWaste Fund.

Next Submission dates for Stage 1 Applications to June 2009

Manufacturing Waste

  • 9 Feb 09 -13 Feb 09
  • 13 April 09 – 17 April 09
  • 8 June 09 – 12 June 09

Contaminated Soils

  • 23 Feb 09 – 27 Feb 09
  • 27 April 09 – 1 May 09
  • 22 June 09 – 26 June 09

If this grant is of interest to you and you need assistance in preparing the application please contact Treadstone

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