New Grants

The Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) scheme is a key Australian Government financial assistance program for aspiring and current exporters.   The maximum rebate on eligible overseas marketing expenses is $150,000.    However the grant program is over subscribed and therefore a two tranche payout process exists.

Tranche 2 payout factor

Austrade announced  today the payout factor for all applicants with a tranche 2 payout for FY15 of 72.6602%.  

Businesses entitled to an EMDG grant of more than $40,000 should have received their first tranche payment of $40,000 when their claim was approved.

The final payment for businesses entitled to a grant of more than $40,000 will be calculated with a payout factor of the grant total less $40,000 times 72.6602 per cent.

More information about EMDG and how to apply:

To find out if you are eligible for EMDG and what expenses you can claim try our eligibility wizard or call 03 9008 5937.

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