New Grants

The Australian Government has committed $9 million to the Forest Industries Development Fund, a new competitive Government Grants program to boost the international competitiveness of Australia’s forest products.

Forestry and forest product enterprises across Australia are encouraged to apply for funding to develop initiatives that will increase the value of Australia’s forest products.

Projects should be principally focused on value adding initiatives in the following areas of activity:

  • new timber products—shifting from low to high value products
  • improvements in cost efficiencies across the value chain
  • new uses for wood.

The Forest Industries Development Fund grants will pay 30% of total project costs and will generally be no more than $500,000. Hence project costs could be up to $1.6 million

The Forest Industries Development Fund will be a merit-based, competitive, discretionary grants program. Expressions of interest for the Forest Industries Development Fund close 6 February 2009. If you are successful you will be invited to submit a full application which will be assessed against Forest Industries Development Fund eligibility criteria.

What is eligible in the Forest Industries Development Fund?

Proposals will be eligible for funding if they:

  • create wood‑processing capacity that increases competitiveness and earnings of the business concerned.
  • attract significant industry investment.
  • attract state/territory government contributions.
  • have application across a wide range of industry members and/or regional locations or come from a consortium of producers/manufacturers and have generic application.
  • lead to long‑term benefits.
  • show evidence of significant previous development, if the program is on‑going.
  • develop products that attract new investment in the timber industry and associated industries.

Merit criteria

The Forest Industries Development Fund application will be assessed on the degree to which:

  • Criterion 1. the project will profitably lead to internationally competitive, higher valued forest products.
  • Criterion 2. the project will draw upon and involve existing knowledge and expertise within the Australian forest industries, including through collaboration with value‑chain partners.
  • Criterion 3. you have the resources and capability to carry the project through to finality.
  • Criterion 4. you are able to demonstrate that your project meets your business’s / organisation’s strategic goals.
  • Criterion 5. your project will be unlikely to proceed in a reasonable manner and time frame without the funding.

If you are successful with your expression of interest for the Forest Industries Development Fund and need assistance with the full application, please contact Treadstone for a quote. Treadstone specialises in preparing solid Government Grant submissions.

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