New Grants

More than 20 applicants are vying to share in $182 million of Victorian Government funding for large scale sustainable and carbon capture and storage projects as part of the state’s Energy Technology Innovation Strategy (ETIS)

Energy and Resources Minister Peter Batchelor said the number of applicants for ETIS funding was extremely promising, particularly in a tough economic climate.

“It clearly shows the confidence industry has in Victoria’s energy sector and economy.

“Full details of applicants cannot be released while they are being assessed. However, what I can say is the projects are varied and include biomass, solar, geothermal, wave, wind, hydro, carbon capture and carbon storage.

“The variety of projects and range of locations across the state highlights that industry recognises the depth and breadth of Victoria’s potential for renewable and clean energy developments,” he said.

The ETIS funding is split into two amounts, $72 million for sustainable energy projects, including renewables, and $110 million for carbon capture and storage.

Minister Batchelor reported that a number of previous projects funded through ETIS are already showing great results.

“Earlier this year, we saw that one of Australia’s largest trial CO2capture facilities installed at Hazelwood power station is now successfully operating. This was made possible through $2 million provided from the ETIS program.

“In April, the CO2CRC carbon storage trial near Nirranda reached the 50,000 tonne milestone. This was another project that received $6 million from the ETIS program. And printing trials of flexible lightweight solar cells that are almost as thin as paper are underway, thanks to a $6 million ETIS grant from the Brumby Labor Government,” Mr Batchelor said.

“ETIS funding aims to boost industry and government collaboration and provide targeted financial assistance to support the energy sector develop the technology it needs to cut Victoria’s greenhouse gas emissions.

“The funding is specifically to assist building pre-commercial large-scale demonstrations of new low-emission and renewable energy technologies and help accelerate these technologies through their last stage in the innovation cycle,” he said.

“This will help speed up the development of these technologies so they are available for industry to use commercially, which will in turn help secure low-emission energy sources for Victoria.”

Applications will be assessed over coming months and it is hoped funding allocations will be announced early next year.

If you are interested in finding out how Treadstone  can help you apply for Government Grants call 03 9016 3575.

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