New Grants

This program supports the Victorian digital games development sector by assisting a broad range of companies and creators to produce and market a wide spectrum of digital games. Applications support Prototype, Vertical Slice, or Production stages of games development.


Applications can be received at any time. Please note that application processing times may be extended by up to three weeks throughout December 2021 and January 2022. You may let Film Victoria know if your application is time sensitive. All first-time applicants are strongly encouraged to speak to the Program Manager, Paul Callaghan prior to their application.

Overview and Grant Amount

Film Victoria is focused on supporting the creation and retention of original intellectual property (IP), encouraging innovation, and fostering long-term sustainable and globally competitive businesses in Victoria. The funding is aimed at projects by Victorian game developers, from those who are new to the industry through to those who are already well-established.

Applicants can apply for up to $80,000 towards a prototype, up to $150,000 for a vertical slice, or up to $300,000 for production work.

Eligibility and Criteria

To be eligible, a person or business must:

  • be (i) an Australian citizen or (ii) be an Australian resident, being a person who is lawfully domiciled in Australia, and who has actually been in Australia, continuously or intermittently, for at least six months immediately preceding the application
  • have an ABN
  • be incorporated and carrying on business in Australia
  • not be in breach of any obligation under any agreement they have with Film Victoria
  • always act ‘in good faith’ in all their dealings with Film Victoria (see 1.2 below)
  • have the capacity and resources to carry out the project or proposal that is the subject of the application
  • have the right to carry out the project or proposal that is the subject of the application (including any relevant copyright and appropriate clearances from all significant participants). If the application is based on an underlying work, Film Victoria will expect, at the least, an appropriate option (see 5.1 for development projects)
  • have meaningful creative control of the project that is the subject of the application

Film Victoria has released a guideline for more details on this grant funding and Terms of Trade. Applicants are strongly encouraged to read through all the items therein, including exclusions to the listed eligibility for application.

Expert Assistance

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