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Funding for the Green Car Innovation Fund will commence from 1 July 2009.

What is the fund ?

On 10 November the Government announced the Green Car Innovation Fund (GCIF) as part of its A New Car Plan for a Greener Future. The $1.3 billion Green Car Innovation Fund will provide assistance over ten years to design, develop and manufacture low-emission, fuel-efficient cars and components in Australia.

Funding for the Green Car Innovation Fund will commence from 1 July 2009. Assistance will be in the form of grants, allocated through a competitive selection process that considers the innovative, technological, commercial and environmental merits of each proposal.

A Framework Paper outlining the proposed implementation and operation of the Green Car Innovation Fund was released in December 2008. Public Consultations were held to communicate and gain feedback on the Green Car Innovation Fund in the first week of February.

What activities will be supported?

The Fund will provide support for research and development (R&D), proof-of-concept, early-stage commercialisation and pre-production development activities that are carried out in Australia.

To be eligible for assistance under the Fund, activities must be undertaken in Australia and directly relate to the creation, acquisition, application or commercialisation of knowledge, technology, processes, materials or products which:

·       are new or additional to the grantee; and

·       significantly improve the fuel-efficiency or greenhouse gas (ie carbon dioxide equivalent) emissions of passenger motor vehicles.

It is proposed that applicants would be able to apply for a grant for one or perhaps a combination of the above activities. For instance, an applicant that has acquired intellectual property (IP) with high commercial potential could apply for a grant to undertake the proof-of-concept activity related to the IP. Similarly, an applicant could apply for a grant to undertake R&D, proof-of-concept and early-stage commercialisation activities necessary to develop the product to the point where it could be ready for the market.

It is proposed that technology diffusion and collaboration activities associated with the above activities would be treated as eligible expenditure under the Fund.

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