New Grants


Funding is available from the Victorian Government to help businesses grow through a series of enhanced business support programs.

The aim of the Grow Your Business Program is to assist innovative Victorian businesses to grow, develop and become internationally competitive in the global market.  The program is one of a range of opportunities that are on offer to assist businesses in achieving these goals.

Part 1. Business Strategic Review – up to $4,000 grant

Part 2. Business Development Plan – up to $7,500 grant

Part 3. Execution Mentoring – up to $7,500 grant


To be considered for funding, applicants must be

  • Victorian based businesses
  • with at least two years’ of trading history
  • be financially viable
  • have a commitment to innovation and/or potential for export/import replacement
  • have management strengths
  • be committed to strategic planning and growth
  • be a tradable service

1. Business Strategic Review

Eligible businesses can apply for a grant of 75 per cent of total project cost up to a maximum of $4,000.

The Business Strategic Review provides businesses with valuable insights into areas of their operations and is designed to:

  • identify the immediate past and present position of a business
  • illustrate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • identify and prioritise areas that require attention or change.

This situational analysis can also be directed toward specific issues such as:

  • production/process
  • finance
  • export and marketing
  • eBusiness
  • human resources
  • training strategies

Outcomes can form the basis of a comprehensive Business Development Plan.

2. Business Development Plan

Eligible individual businesses can apply for a grant of 50 per cent of total project cost up to a maximum of $7,500.

The Business Development Plan will assist organisations to pinpoint where they want to go and how they are going to get there. The strategic nature of this assistance allows businesses to:

  • identify and develop processes that will assist in reaching objectives
  • identify further opportunities and plan for the future.

The Business Development Plan can be used by businesses wanting to develop their overall business strategy, or specific areas such as, but not limited to:

  • production/process
  • finance
  • environmental strategies
  • export and marketing
  • eBusiness development
  • supply chain
  • human resources and training strategies
  • business mentoring.

3. Execution Mentoring

Eligible individual businesses can apply for a grant of 50 per cent of total project cost up to a maximum of $7,500.

A specialist consultant or appropriately qualified professional acts as a business mentor. The mentor will provide advice and guidance to help focus on strategic and management transition issues, including:

  • developing and implementing business goals
  • broadening the firm’s network, and
  • improving management skills and expertise at the management and/or board level.

Note: The mentoring process may require the mentor to be involved with the firm for a period of up to 12 months.


Expert Assistance

Treadstone have worked with hundreds of businesses over the past 8 years to develop tailored business and marketing strategies that revolve around innovation. As a listed suppler for the Victorian Government Innovation Voucher program, we have delivered Innovation Skills Workshop program to 17 satisfied businesses since January 2013.

We have worked with internationally successful clients delivering the Export Market Development Grants, R&D Tax Incentive, infrastructure grants and commercialisation grants

How can Treadstone help you?

We begin with developing a deep understanding of your business from every angle and review your target market.

We then build your competitive roadmap to meet your short term needs and longer term vision, including:

  • Strategic business planning for innovative businesses
  • Marketing, branding, and communication review, planning and execution
  • Exploring new markets and market intelligence
  • Product and service development
  • Mentoring/coaching for growth

To find out more:  contact us or call  0409 478 850.


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