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The Methane Emissions Reduction in Livestock (MERiL) program is a technology-led approach to reducing emissions while supporting economic growth and job creation. Enteric methane from livestock is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the agriculture sector and contributes around 10% of Australia’s total emissions.

Stages 2 and 3 of the MERiL program aim to reduce Australia’s livestock emissions by supporting the development and commercial readiness of technology solutions to deliver low emission feed supplements to grazing animals (beef and dairy cattle, and sheep).

Deadline, Grant Amount and Project Period

Applications close on 18 Mar 2022 05:00 PM AEDT

Grant funding from $250k to $1m and up to 100% of eligible project expenditure (grant percentage). Applications with more than 25% cash contributions to eligible project expenditure are favoured.

Minimum project length is 6 months, whilst the maximum project length is 12 months.


The objectives of the grant opportunity are to:

  • fast-track the development and commercial readiness of technology solutions to deliver low emission feed supplements to grazing animals at large-scale (considering market reach and productivity and abatement impacts), with a particular emphasis on solutions that have the potential to increase the productivity of the national herd and grazing production systems
  • collect data on the productivity (including labour productivity) and abatement impacts from low emissions feed supplements delivered using technology solutions to grazing animals, to inform updates to the livestock emissions framework
  • engage and collaborate with livestock producers to ensure technology solutions can be implemented in a cost-effective (and ideally productivity-enhancing) way within common grazing management operations and build market interest and acceptance
  • leverage co-investment to develop, validate and demonstrate the technology solutions

The intended outcomes of the grant opportunity are:

  • cost-effective (and ideally productivity-enhancing) technology solutions for delivering low emission feed supplements to grazing animals are available for voluntary adoption by livestock producers in a range of Australian production systems
  • the reduced emissions from delivering low emission feed supplements to grazing animals using the technology solutions can be estimated in the National Greenhouse Gas Inventory

Eligibility and Criteria

To be eligible, a business must:

  • have an ABN
  • be an entity, incorporated in Australia
  • be a co-operative
  • be an incorporated trustee on behalf of a trust
  • be a publicly funded research organisation
  • be an Australian State/Territory Government agency or body)

Joint applications are acceptable and encouraged. To submit a joint application you must have a, lead organisation who is the main driver of the project and is eligible to apply. For further information on joint applications, refer to section 7.2 of the Grant Opportunity Guidelines.

Eligible projects for Stage 2 must:

  • involve a study demonstrating the feasibility of your new and / or repurposed technology solution for delivering low emission feed supplements to grazing animals. The technology solution must include the physical mechanism for administering supplements to grazing animals.
  • be aimed at demonstrating and estimating the productivity (including labour productivity) impacts and abatement potential of your new and or repurposed technology solution, and
  • have at least $250,000 in eligible expenditure

Eligible activities may include:

  • designing and developing a prototype of your technology solution
  • demonstrating the technical viability of your technology solution by conducting small-scale trials with low emission feed supplements or analogous proxies
  • assessing the commercial, abatement and productivity (including labour productivity) improvement potential of your technology solution. This could include engaging external professionals, to determine the market opportunity, develop a draft business model, identify potential partners, develop an intellectual property strategy, identify capital sources
  • activities that assist in the collection or provision of data or research that is directly relevant to your feasibility study

Eligible expenditure

Eligible expenditure must be a direct cost of the project and be incurred by you for required project audit activities. Eligible expenditure items are:

  • salaries and on-costs for personnel directly employed for the project activities
  • staff training that directly supports the achievement of project outcomes
  • contract expenditure, i.e., the cost of any agreed project activities that you contract to others
  • purchase or hire of equipment directly related to delivering your project, including prototype expenditure, enteric emissions measurement equipment, computing equipment and software
  • other trial expenses
  • domestic travel limited to the reasonable cost of accommodation and transportation required to conduct agreed project and collaboration activities in Australia
  • project expenses relevant to the completion of a feasibility study

Other project activities and expenditures may be accepted subject to governing rules and assessment. Applicants are encouraged to read through all the criteria set by this grant. Sample application form and grant agreement are also available. Only complete and compliant applications submitted through the online portal will be processed.

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