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Announced in Dec 2011, the Australian Government is working shoulder-to-shoulder with Australian industries and the research community to encourage and support vital research and development (R&D).

Through the new Australian Research Council Industrial Transformation Research Program, the Government will invest $236 million in quality R&D partnerships that will help transform our industries so they can prosper in a richer, fairer and greener Australia.

  • The Program will:
  • Focus on research areas that are vital for Australia’s future economic prosperity—such as engineering, materials science and nanotechnology, communications, chemical engineering and biotechnology;
  • Support Industrial PhD students and researchers to gain ‘hands-on’, practical skills and experience in these important areas; and
  • Foster important partnerships between business and universities.


To achieve this, the Program will fund both research hubs and training centres.
a) Industrial Transformation Research Hubs

These research hubs will encourage R&D projects that could help solve the big problems facing our industries today. In these hubs, managers, researchers and industry workers will work together to address everything from our need to reduce pollution in our manufacturing processes to our struggle to compete locally with a high Australian dollar.

Up to 20 research hubs will be established nationwide with initial funding for up to five years. This funding term gives our researchers and industry partners the flexibility to undertake comprehensive research programs that will help tackle our big industry challenges, as well as short-term projects that may help answer emerging issues or questions.

The Government will invest up to $1 million per year in each hub with this investment being matched by industry partners.


b) Industrial Transformation Training Centres

These training centres will foster close partnerships between university-based researchers and the industry members who will use the research outcomes.

Up to 50 training centres will be established nationwide. Around 20 of the centres will include training in social impact, inclusion and industrial and community transformation.

As part of the training centres component, up to 600 doctoral and postdoctoral researchers will have the opportunity to work with industry partners, directly harnessing research capability to address industry needs.

Up to $1 million per year will be provided for each centre for up to three years. The 50 centres will be selected over a five year period.

For more information about the Industrial Research Information Program visit > National Competitive Grants Program email, or phone +61 2 6287 6600.

Proposals will be open in September 2012  see link for dates:

To find out how Treadstone can help you with development of you grant application contact us on  03 9008 5937

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