New Grants

Do you  have some technology  to develop that might enhance Australian Defence Force capability?

If you do, you might like to apply for the Capability and Technology Demonstrator (CTD) Program before the cut off date of 24th July 2009. This is the 14th round calling for local technology groups to come up with bright new defence ideas.

Initial Proposals selected for further consideration will be assigned a Defence sponsor within Capability Development Group.  The Defence sponsor will the provide guidance to the proposer for the development of a Detailed Proposal. The Detailed Proposal will become the primary reference for the evaluation and ultimate selection of proposals.

The CTD Program does not operate like a traditional grants program, but rather a program of collaborative development, where risks, costs and rewards are shared between the parties.  Selection of a particular project for inclusion in the CTD Program does not represent a commitment or intent on behalf of Defence to enter into any subsequent acquisition or procurement agreement with the proposer.

Proposers are required to use the appropriate CTD proposal templates for Initial Proposals.



The five selection criteria, detailed below:

1. Potential to contribute to Defence Capability Development. This criterion describes the proposed technology’s potential to provide a new or enhanced capability to Defence and/or inform the capability development process.

2. Potential to Transition into Service. This criterion describes the presence of an identified need, or pathway into service, for the proposed technology.

3. Technology and Innovation. This criterion describes the degree of technical innovation and its strategic importance to Defence.

4. Industry Capability Enhancement. This criterion describes the degree to which Australian industry will benefit from receiving Defence assistance in demonstrating the technology.

5. Project Management. This criterion describes the maturity of project management processes, with particular emphasis on risk management, described in the CTD proposal.

For more information see or call Treadstone on 03 9016 3575 to discuss how we can help with your application.

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