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The IMF is designed to grow the interactive media industry in NSW by supporting the creation of new interactive digital content.

The IMF is for creative digital content projects that are commercially oriented and destined for distribution on web-enabled platforms or devices and interactive video game consoles. The Fund focuses on interactive content, a key element in innovation with the ability to benefit other sectors such as health, finance and education.

The IMF is one of a range of NSW Government initiatives supporting the digital economy.

The Fund has received strong endorsement from peak bodies including the Games Developers Association of Australia, the Independent Games Developers Association, and the Screen Producers Association of Australia.

The IMF will provide support at various stages from early stage development up to completion of a functioning prototype or to take a market ready project into production. Enterprise funding is available for ambitious businesses projects wishing to accelerate their growth through a slate of interactive digital projects. It also assists NSW businesses to attend key international markets and events, and supports strategic industry and professional development events and initiatives.

Closing date

The next round of funding will close on  19th March 2013


Applications to the IMF can be made at any time and will be assessed at quarterly meetings. Please note the revised deadlines for the remainder of the 2012 – 2013 year:

IMF is for commercially oriented, innovative projects that provide a creative,

interactive, rich media experience for the user.

The majority of projects that are supported fall within the games or transmedia categories. Projects may be intended to entertain or to inform/educate.

The types of interactive content that are eligible to apply include:

  • Games, including serious games
  • Transmedia narrative projects
  • Virtual worlds
  • Mobile content (native/browser)

The IMF does not fund:

  • The development of platforms
  • Projects primarily focussed on delivering pre-existing or user generated content
  • Advertising and marketing (unless it is an ancillary activity of the project, e.g. marketing costs to launch a game)
  • Corporate communications, business to business communications
  • E-commerce
  • Marketing websites
  • Arcade games, slot gaming or any form related to gambling
  • Online services (such as banking websites and recruitment tools/services)
  • Educational product for school or tertiary
  • Retrospective applications
  • Projects being developed as part of a course of study

In addition, to develop the capacity of the interactive media industry in NSW, the IMF may support key professional and industry development events and initiatives in NSW, as well as strategic market travel.

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