New Grants

The Victorian government is now calling on leading utility-scale energy storage companies and network businesses to partner together in putting forward expressions of interest to deploy an additional 80MW of energy storage capacity across Victoria’s electricity network.

This announcement complements and builds on the Government’s recent call to deploy 20MW of battery storage in western Victoria.

The Victorian Government seeks proposals that include a range of storage options including

  • batteries
  • pumped hydro
  • compressed air
  • flywheel, and
  • solar thermal


This new announcement takes the Victorian Government’s overall commitment to energy storage up to $25 million, and up to 100MW deployed by the end of 2018.

The Victorian Government will work with ARENA to leverage further support and co-investment.

Timelines for delivery:

14 March Call for expressions of Interest sought
April Proposals sought by
June Sign contracts
July to November Commence Installation
Summer 2017/18 Deployment of 30MW
Summer 2018/19 Deployment of 50MW


Expressions of Interest

To submit your Expression of Interest please ensure that you have provided the following information by return email:

  1. Timeliness of deployment
  • Delivery of at least 30MW by Summer 2017/18 and additional 50MW by Summer 2018/19
  1. The purpose of the project
  • Benefits to Victoria’s electricity grid including proposals for example proposals that enhance energy system stability and reliability (including delivering power in high-demand peak periods and providing FCAS services into the NEM)
  1. Capability and capacity of the applicant and participants
  • Track record in demonstrating the necessary experience and capability of the proponent and key personnel to deliver the project and meet its objectives.
  1. The Project
  • Merit, validity and readiness of the Project.
  • Detail on technology choice and design, including connection studies (scoping and planning)
  • Project location
  • Appropriateness of the proposed budget, amount of funding sought from Government and its leverage compared to other sources of Project funding
  • Demonstration of fast frequency response, synthetic inertia, avoided network costs
  • Path to replication and future cost reductions


Expressions of interest are being sought by 15 April 2017 and are to be provided to DELWP at

The request for proposal will be detailed publically in early April, seeking applications for grants.

To find out more contact Treadstone and we will discuss how we can help you succeed with your proposal.

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