New Grants

More than $10 million has been awarded in the latest round of funding by Commercialisation Australia to 28 innovative businesses which have the potential to save lives, improve Australian lifestyles, and increase national productivity.

Potentially life saving inventions to be funded under the program include a new test for uterine cancer – the fourth most common cancer in women; new imaging technology to allow earlier diagnosis of lung diseases; and a convenient blood test device for detecting cancer markers and infectious diseases.

In two years, the Commercialisation Australia program has assisted 205 innovators with funding of $82.1 million.

The latest funding allocation also includes support for 11 information and communications technology (ICT) projects.

These include a new software suite that enables rapid game development and a new smartphone platform allowing café customers to avoid queues by ordering and paying in advance.


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State Applicant Organisation

 Grant Amount $

Project Title Project Description
1 NSW CAP-XX (Australia) Pty Ltd


Surface Mount Supercapacitor CAP-XX makes supercapacitors, very compact high-power energy storage devices used in portable devices. CAP-XX has developed a new thin form supercapacitor suitable for use in surface mount circuit board manufacture. This will greatly increase the opportunity for supercapacitors in mass market products such as mobile phones which are increasingly power hungry and are getting smaller and smaller. Supercapacitors are also used in cameras, notebooks, digital music players, medical devices and automotive applications. The Commercialisation Australia Proof of Concept grant will assist CAP-XX to produce a packaged device and get its new surface mount device (SMD) supercapacitor to market.
2 NSW Australian BioRefining Pty Ltd


Commercialisation of acid/metal separation and regeneration/recovery process. Australian BioRefining’s core patented technology is for the recovery and regeneration of used acid, such as sulphuric acid, from mining and industrial waste applications, and the concurrent recovery of metals from the same process streams. Commercialisation Australia funding will be used to complete targeted pilot trials. The company will use the information gained from the trials to tailor the technology to leverage its use in new industries. There are specific opportunities in coal seam methane water treatment, industrial recovery of hydrochloric acid from steel finishing industries and in environmental remediation of water contaminated by acid mine drainage.
3 NSW On-Market Bookbuilds Pty Ltd


On-Market Bookbuilds On-Market Bookbuilds is a patented process to more efficiently price and allocate private placements and initial public offerings (IPOs), which in the past five financial years have been used by Australian listed companies to raise more than $125 billion and $60 billion, respectively. This innovation will allow all eligible investors to participate in placements and IPOs via a fair and transparent process. Australian companies would benefit from access to a larger pool of potential investors and a competitive pricing mechanism. Commercialisation Australia funding will be used to hire an experienced business development team to enable development of an early-stage marketing and sales post-launch strategy and to allow the company to extend its patent protection to the world’s largest capital markets.
4 NSW Atomo Diagnostics Pty Ltd


Integrated device for blood based lateral flow rapid testing Atomo Diagnostics has developed MicroRapid, a fully integrated rapid test device for blood based lateral flow immunoassay diagnostics. It is a platform technology for sampling, collecting and testing capillary blood using immunoassay diagnostics. This market includes the diagnosis of a wide range of infectious diseases, cardiac and cancer markers. MicroRapid replaces the need for test kits containing many separate devices and reduces handling and errors. The company intends to prepare 1,500 sterile fully functional production prototypes of the MicroRapid test device. Commercialisation Australia funding will enable a number of international customers to carry out commercial evaluation of the test device. In addition, Atomo Diagnostics will perform usability evaluations and performance assessments to support commercialisation and ultimately the launch of the product.
5 QLD Qlicksmart Pty Ltd


Universal single handed scalpel blade remover Qlicksmart is a company that develops, manufactures and sells medical safety products for both staff safety and patient safety. The company has identified a market need for a new device to safely remove and dispose of all commonly used scalpel blades to prevent infection and injury to medical, nursing and laboratory staff. With funding from Commercialisation Australia, Qlicksmart will produce two new, single-handed scalpel blade removers based on the Universal Blade Remover (to be patented). Qlicksmart aims to deliver to its distributors and users this new innovation that will not only remove more blades from all tang based scalpel handles, it will do so at a significantly reduced cost, making scalpel safety affordable to more users.
6 QLD Hydrexia Pty Ltd


Solid state hydrogen storage for industrial and refuelling applications Hydrexia is commercialising a safe, high capacity and low cost hydrogen storage system targeting the industrial gas and refuelling markets, based on proprietary magnesium alloy hydride technology. The project will provide customer validation of the product’s technical performance, operation and cost and its integration within the overall supply and delivery chain. Commercialisation Australia funding will be used to support key early commercialisation validation for cost and performance of the hydrogen storage system.
7 QLD goACT Pty Ltd


goACT Journal, telehealth platform for remote chronic disease management goACT is commercialising goACT Journal software, a telehealth platform for remote chronic disease management. Funding from Commercialisation Australia will be used to commence pilot projects with potential clients to finalise the product, develop a marketing strategy and prove the commercial viability of the developed software.
8 QLD Oz Probuild Pty Ltd


Greendow Vertical Garden System The Greendow Vertical Garden system is a lightweight hydroponic vertical system which can be readily installed on the windows of residential, commercial and industrial buildings at various heights and levels. There is a great market opportunity due to increased global urbanisation and high rise developments which limits the scope for large gardens. Commercialisation Australia funding will assist Oz ProBuild to prove the functionality and durability of the unit. The system will be manufactured and installed on a number of buildings to demonstrate the concept to potential market participants and clients.
9 QLD Dev-Audio Pty Ltd


Intelligent microphone array device Dev-Audio has developed unique microphone array hardware and software for meetings and web conferencing. The Microcone technology automatically produces a separated high-quality audio track for each person in a meeting, tracks their location, and annotates the conversation with speaker turn and voice identification information, automatically indexing discussions for subsequent search, retrieval and analysis. Leading international industry firms have recommended refinements to the technology to match customer needs. With Commercialisation Australia Proof of Concept funding the project aims to implement the recommended refinements and demonstrate them to customers as part of delivering a world class product that helps unlock the value of voice data as a personal and corporate asset.
10 SA Grazer Pty Ltd


Grazer SaaS ‘C Suite’ Cloud Commercialisation Grazer has developed a system which provides electronic versions of all of the necessary building and construction information manuals that are typically created upon completion of a new building or refurbishment of a building. The product contains visualisation and drill down capability for ease of use. A cloud based asset management system has been designed to integrate with the proprietary software vendors in this space. The market opportunity in Australia is estimated to be more than $150 million. Commercialisation Australia funding will be used to prove scalability of the technology and for product expansion through a new distribution channel that will introduce Grazer to international clients.
11 SA Run With Robots Pty Ltd


Cross-platform system for mobile online social game development Run With Robots has developed Roar Engine – a game development software suite that enables rapid game development. The platform allows developers to concentrate on the design and logic of the game without having to figure out back-end technology issues as this is delivered via pre-built game building blocks. Roar Engine has the potential to be a cross-platform solution allowing developers to implement their games on the web and on mobile devices such as iPhones, Android smartphones and tablets. Commercialisation Australia funding will be used for a Proof of Concept trial with new channel and distribution partners.
12 VIC Sentient Vision Systems Pty Ltd


Kestrel Automated Target Detection In Maritime Environments Sentient’s Kestrel Maritime is the first solution to automatically detect targets, such as small boats and people in the water, from real-time full motion video. Commercialisation Australia funding will support commercialisation through validating and optimising the solution in collaboration with key customers. Sentient have been successfully developing computer vision systems since 1999.
13 VIC A W Bell Pty Ltd


Project A.B.E High strength light weight aluminium investment castings for aerospace and defence A W Bell has developed a casting process using rapid and controlled solidification that delivers cast complex aluminium parts with the same mechanical properties as machined parts. The process known as Aluminium Billet Equivalent (ABE) was developed in conjunction with CSIRO and virtually eliminates material wastage. The ABE castings are intended for the North American aerospace and defence sectors where lightweight, high-strength, complex precision parts are required. Commercialisation Australia funding will be used to commercialise the ABE process opening up opportunities for exports to North American customers.
14 VIC Health-e Workforce Solutions Pty Ltd


Predictive Modeller – An Innovative Workforce Knowledge System Health-e Workforce Solutions is an IT and consultancy company successfully marketing strategic human resource software to the healthcare industry. Commercialisation Australia funding will be used to develop and commercialise its innovative ”Predictive Modeller” that generates cost simulations and greatly enhances strategic workforce management and planning. The immediate target markets are all Australian hospitals, international health care and other industry sectors.
15 VIC Spruik Group (Australia) Pty Ltd

 $217,276 will improve the efficiency of payment settlements for all parties to construction contracts. This simple, fast and fair mobile-enabled web solution has the potential to dramatically reduce a $7b annual cost to the Australian construction industry. Commercialisation Australia funding will enable completion of large-scale industry trials and delivery of a full commercial version of the solution.
16 WA Magellan Powertronics Pty Ltd


Supplementation of aging SWER distribution networks with revolutionary energy storage technologies Magellan Powertronics specialises in power electronics engineering and has developed a Grid Power Support (GPS) system to boost reliability and capacity for Single Wire Earth Support (SWER) electricity networks that were introduced to Australia in the 1940s. Getting lighter and smaller stand alone systems into grid-critical parts of the network is crucial. Funding from Commercialisation Australia will be used to develop the solar components of the GPS innovation and to develop a lighter, more compact model of the system for a major Australian energy company. These improvements are key requirements for commercialisation and broad adoption of the GPS system.
17 WA Stochastic Simulation Ltd


Oil and Gas Reserves Assurance and Production and Distribution Optimisation Technologies Stochastic Simulation has developed a revolutionary computer modelling technology for the oil and gas industry. The SRE (Stochastic Reservoir Engineering) cloud technology provides unprecedented reserves assurance information that can significantly reduce the risk of over and under-investment and in turn increase the return on investment (ROI) for oil and gas projects by between 5% and 15%. Commercialisation Australia funding will be used for a Proof of Concept trial with a leading company to prove the commercial viability of this solution in the oil and gas industry.
18 WA Calico Global Pty Ltd


Personalised online and smartphone health service Calico is an abbreviation of CALories In Calories Out. A free online fitness service that shows each participant the amount of activity and nutrition they need to maintain a healthy bodyweight and fitness level. The measurable activity is walking, and the company partners with local councils to install distance markers called Fitness Totems on popular walking tracks that help calibrate their activity levels. Calico will examine various methods to upload the calibrated activity data onto the online support during the Proof of Concept application, including smart phone applications, accelerometer technology and electronic tags. The Commercialisation Australia funding will facilitate a trial at 10 outdoor fitness locations in Western Australia, ahead of a planned national rollout.
19 WA Resource Mining Corporation Limited (RMC)


Innovative Hydrometallurgical Process Using Bio Renewable Citric Acid RMC has been developing a new hydrometallurgical process to extract nickel from both limonite and saprolite ores, which is more cost effective and more environmentally friendly than existing processes. Commercialisation Australia funding will be used to undertake Proof of Concept test work and a scoping study to establish the design of a commercial processing plant. These are key steps towards successful commercialisation of the new hydrometallurgical process.
20 WA iCetana Pty Ltd


Intelligent video surveillance software that detects rare and unusual events iCetana has developed intelligent video surveillance software that detects rare and unusual events in real-time from monitored security cameras. The software can process highly complex movement behaviours such as those seen on train station platforms and crowded events by automatically learning the normal motion patterns of people, vehicles and objects in a scene. Video surveillance operators are then alerted to the one percent of “unusual” events that require attention. With funding from Commercialisation Australia, iCetana will establish a base of customer reference sites across Australia and internationally in key vertical markets such as education, local government, retail and public transport.
21 VIC CA TEC Pty Ltd


Improving Disc Brakes with Caliper Alignment Technology Calliper Alignment Technology (CAT) significantly reduces premature wear on disc brake components using a stabilising system to maintain alignment of brake pads and rotors. Commercialisation Australia funding will be used to employ an Experienced Executive to lead product readiness activities and establish the manufacturing and sales operations. Skills and Knowledge funding will be used to undertake targeted market research and provide documentation for corporate governance and capital raising activities.


Hydrasyst Pty Ltd


Commercialisation of a new waste water treatment process Hydrasyst has developed a new water treatment process to recycle domestic, commercial and industrial waste grey water. Utilising exclusive ceramic membrane technology, the Hydrasyst system typically saves users up to 30 per cent on energy and running costs and delivers high water quality output with a water recovery rate of more than 75 per cent. The modular waste water treatment system is available in several sizes and has a small footprint which allows it to be fitted in situ or retro fitted into existing systems. Commercialisation Australia funding will be used to develop a detailed business plan, including financial forecasts, and create long-term implementation and marketing plans which are crucial to commercialisation of the product.


Beat the Q


Pilot launch of a proprietary mobile ordering and payment service Beat the Q has developed a novel technology and smartphone platform that allows café customers to order and pay in advance for coffee and food, whilst avoiding the queue. The technology is designed to work with computers, tablets or mobile phones and is optimised for touch smartphones. The platform is already operating in more than 25 cafes in Sydney with plans to offer it throughout Australia. The technology delivers greater efficiency for businesses with orders arriving electronically to an installed terminal. Funding from Commercialisation Australia will help Beat the Q engage expert advisers to assist in areas such as legal, capital raising and other advice to aid its commercial expansion.


Atcomm Enterprises Pty Ltd


Fatigue Detection and Management System Atcomm Enterprises develops innovative work safety systems based on human to computer interface technology known as Brain to Computer Interface (BCI). The company’s latest solution, NeuroSAFE, is focused on fatigue detection and management to boost safety. It has wide applications for operators and drivers in the mining, transportation, automotive and oil and gas industries. Using a special headset, the technology detects the onset of fatigue using brain wave analysis and eye nerve activity detection. Funding from Commercialisation Australia will be used for technology validation, architecture definition and development of investment and marketing strategies.


Dr Andreas Fouras (applying via Monash University’s Commercialisation Office)


CTXV imaging for disease diagnosis A team at Monash University has developed a new imaging technology that allows the measurement of the complex patterns of lung motion during breathing. Applications include earlier diagnosis of lung diseases including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma and cancer, supporting the development of new drug treatments and drug delivery systems. Funding from Commercialisation Australia is critical in the translation of this technology from the laboratory to the market place by supporting the researchers with specific input of knowledge from the commercial sector.


Paper Friendly Pty Ltd


Hub Hello web portal HubHello! is a unique, single information sharing platform, for all involved in the care of a child. The platform is user friendly and relies on a web-based interactive interface to consolidate important care information and provide access to and sharing of secure, accurate, real-time information between children’s carers, care institutions and Government agencies. Commercialisation Australia funding will be used to finalise market research, strategy development and structure, ahead of capital raising for commercialisation.


Diagnotech Pty Ltd


Uterine Cancer Diagnostic Test Diagnotech is developing a uterine cancer detection test that allows women to be tested in the doctor’s office without the need for expensive imaging or surgical procedures. Uterine cancer is the fourth most common cancer in women and is considered curable if detected at any early stage. Funding from Commercialisation Australia will be used to engage industry expertise in market analysis and product positioning required to complete the commercialisation of the Diagnotech product.


FirstPhysio Pty Ltd


HALO “The Digital Goniometer” HALO is the first project from the company Firstphysio and is a new tool that significantly increases accuracy and reliability when measuring angles in the health sector, such as when measuring joint mobility. Traditionally angles have been measured by goniometers that are similar to old style classroom protractors. HALO is a handheld digital goniometer that measures angles digitally and in three planes of movement. The technology behind the tool was inspired by technology used in aeroplane navigation systems. HALO will assist physiotherapists, occupational therapists, elite sportspeople, vets and pharmaceutical professionals in delivering better outcome measures to patients. Commercialisation Australia funding will be used to attain external advice to develop strategies to take the tool to market.
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