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The Latrobe Valley Economic Facilitation Fund (LVEFF) is fund of up to $10 million to support the early and on-going impact of the LVEDP. It is primarily focussed on businesses to identify and support business growth and new job creation, implementing key objectives set out in a range of existing economic development plans including the Gippsland Strategic Plan, local government economic development strategies and the Committee for Gippsland ‘Our Region Our Future’ document. The newly established Gippsland Regional Partnership will also set directions, priorities and advocate for local investment projects.

The Latrobe Valley Economic Facilitation Fund is accepting business cases and feasibility studies that enable applicants to plan for, and investigate the economic viability of potentially significant impact projects.

The LVEFF will work to attract and facilitate business investment into the Latrobe Valley through three key ‘fund streams’ supporting:

  • Growing existing businesses – with a focus on business competitiveness and innovation, including a focus on existing Latrobe Valley businesses, the small to medium business sector (SME’s) and supply chains;
  • Investment attraction – helping new businesses to locate in the Latrobe Valley; and
  • Market access – growing the capability and identifying new global markets for products and services.

Investment Attraction Grant $150k

This stream aims to attract new businesses and industries to Latrobe Valley. It has a focus on regional competitive advantage and high-growth potential businesses and opportunities that create new jobs in Latrobe Valley.

The stream will be flexible to industry needs but also targeted towards supporting activities that enable the realisation of an identified business growth opportunity. This includes new investment attraction, investment in facilities expansion and strategic industry investment planning.

The Investment Attraction stream is based on the development of a strong and strategic understanding between Regional Development Victoria (RDV) and individual companies. The focus is on the company’s growth potential and their ability to deliver jobs into Latrobe Valley.

Activities that will be considered

Through the Investment Attraction stream support may be available for:

  • new investment from outside the region or bringing forward investment in existing regional businesses that creates jobs.
  • targeted investment assistance and incentives for businesses to move to, or expand into, the Latrobe Valley involving new capital investment and job creation.
  • introduction of new manufacturing capability, new technology, process change or plant modernisation, which results in business growth and jobs creation.
  • opportunities to grow emerging businesses or diversify existing operations.
  • business cases and feasibility studies that enable applicants to plan for, and investigate the economic viability of potentially significant impact projects. Government will match contributions for studies up to a maximum of $150,000.

Applications will also need to demonstrate:

  • how government assistance will influence an investment decision which is already under consideration.

How to apply :

Applicants requiring further information should contact RDV Gippsland or call Treadstone to discuss how we can help you win funding for you feasibility study.

RDV Gippsland – Traralgon
33 Breed Street Traralgon 3844
Tel: (+61 3) 5116 7300
Fax: (+61 3) 5175 0324

Want to get the best possible result out of your Application?

Working with Treadstone means you get the maximum rebate you are entitled to with minimum risk and effort. We provide expert advice and take care of your application, allowing you to continue to focus on your essential business operations. Treadstone are an experienced, outcome focused team with a proven track record of success. To ensure you have the best chance of getting grant funding contact us or call 03 9008 5937.

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