New Grants

This South Australian Grant aims to stimulate innovation in small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) through collaboration with public and private research providers to develop new manufactured products or processes and drive productivity and business profitability.

Eligible research and development businesses include public research organisations and companies that provide services for research, development and design.

Research and development services for projects include, but are not limited to:

  • technical research
  • design development
  • design validation
  • prototype development
  • the development of innovative production processes.

What projects can be funded?

  • involve technical problem solving by an external organisation
  • be innovative
  • relate to manufacturing
  • have potential for economic benefits for South Australia
  • contribute towards a commercial opportunity for the SME.
Some successful IVP applicants include:

The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI), has partnered with Scholle Industries Pty Ltd to develop a purpose built in-line carbonation system for Scholle’s bag-in-box packaging technology, to produce a demonstration unit for sparkling wine.

Flinders University’s Centre for Marine Bioproducts Development is developing proof of concept samples to demonstrate the potential of high value new food products, derived from otherwise discarded lobster components, for local and export markets.

TGR Biosciences engaged the Ian Wark Institute at UniSA to develop a cost effective microfluidic chip device to deliver faster standard laboratory tests, for an estimated market of $400 million, by enabling multiple simultaneous tests for detecting substances in liquids.

Acacia Research developed technology, designed a prototype and conducted field trials for expanding the capability of Oystek’s automated oyster sorting machine. The development aimed to improve its speed and performance, including detection of dead shells, to strengthen Oystek’s competitive advantage and enhance value for identified customers in targeted export markets.


Deadline date:



What grants or funding is available?

Vouchers up to $50,000 are awarded on a competitive basis to eligible research and development projects that partner with SMEs with an annual turnover of less than $200 million.


What are the eligibility criteria?

Company Eligibility

The industry partner must:

  • be a financially viable Australian business with a majority of its business conducted in South Australia, or

have significant business activity aligned with program objectives;

  • own the right to use any existing intellectual property necessary to commercialise the project;
  • have an annual turnover of less than $200 million;
  • have been in operation for longer than 12 months; and
  • be able to fund the required co-contribution.

The researcher and applicant should not be related entities.

Research service provider (RSP) eligibility
  • RSPs must be capable of providing scientific or technical expertise and resources to perform research and development (R&D).
  • Ideally the RSP will be located or have facilities in South Australia, however, the services of interstate RSPs may also be engaged.
Project eligibility

Project proposals must be developed and co-endorsed by both parties. Projects must:

  • be clearly aligned to priority areas for manufacturing and technological innovation;
  • describe a discrete technical project, including planned expenditure, agreed timelines and KPIs of no longer than 12 months that will achieve a defined output to solve a technical problem (This output could be developing a new product or service that exhibits commercial potential to a defined market opportunity or conclusively proves the feasibility of a prototype to attract further investment).
  • include a preliminary commercial assessment, such as benefits compared to current market solutions.

Meritorious, non-conforming proposals which identify significant innovative opportunities may be considered at the discretion of the Minister for Manufacturing and Innovation or the Minister for Science and Information Economy.


What is the assessment criteria?

Each application will be assessed against four essential criteria to determine the extent of innovation:

  1. Alignment to one or more of the State Government’s priority areas, as defined in the Program Overview;
  2. The quality of the project proposal, including the relevance of project activities for the company’s business objectives;
  3. Applicant understanding of the intended customer and commercial opportunity (how, when and where the customer would buy or use the product); and
  4. Potential to help establish a new productive partnership between the company and RSP.

In addition to these criteria, applicants who involve or improve the industry experience of ‘early career’ researchers and applications with a focus on establishing new relationships (rather than existing relationships) will be considered favourably. Project proposals from consortia will also be considered.


How do I apply?

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis and generally assessed within six weeks.

Applicants must meet the eligibility criteria and all candidates are encouraged to read the Program Guidelines before lodging an IVP Application Form.


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