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The Medtech Manufacturing Capability Program will assist Victorian manufacturers and medical technology businesses to build capability and capacity by supporting new manufacturing projects and scale-up activities. The program aims to increase the size and value of Victoria’s medtech manufacturing sector and strengthen long term global competitiveness.

Deadlines and Timings

The indicative key dates for the program include:

  • Applications open: 9 March 2022
  • Applications close: 5 April 2022
  • Program end: 31 May 2023

Projects funded by this program must commence in FY21-22 and be completed within the FY22-23. The maximum duration of the project from start to completion is 12 months.

Overview and Grant Amount

The Medtech Manufacturing Capability Program (MMCP) assists Victorian manufacturers and medical technology businesses to build capability to scale up by supporting projects that will verify or validate commercial prototypes, or manufacturing processes and other related activities that will enable local manufacturing. This may include activities that would otherwise be carried out overseas or that would be brought forward by at least a year with the addition of program funding.

The program has a total of $3 million in funding for FY21-22. Grants are between $100,000 to $500,000 (excluding GST). Recipients will be required to spend 50% of grant award and 50% of cash co-contribution in the first 6 months after contract signing. Applicants requesting grants of $200,000 or more, are required to submit an addendum to their project plan including a detailed quality of investment analysis, which will be considered as part of assessment.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible Applicants

To be eligible, a business must have:

  • at the time of application, be developing an eligible medtech product
  • have existing operations in Victoria
  • be incorporated in Australia
  • hold an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • be an employing business registered for WorkCover Insurance with WorkSafe Victoria
  • have an annual turnover of $50 million or less
  • match any grant funding on a 1:1 cash co-contribution basis
  • provide financial reports for the last three financial years to enable DJPR to conduct a financial risk assessment
  • participate in future program evaluation activity

Eligible Projects

A Project proposed for grant funding must be to develop a manufactured medtech product or for the development of value chain inputs for a manufactured medtech product where the product:

  • is or will be for the duration of the project wholly or partially manufactured in Victoria; and
  • is a medical device, the purpose of which is to diagnose, prevent, monitor, treat or alleviate a disease or injury, or modify or monitor anatomy or physiological functions of the body, or is intended to be used in a healthcare environment including medical equipment, scientific instrumentation and consumables or medical disposables; (or)
  • an enabling medtech product or device using assistive, additive manufacturing or 3D printing technologies; and
  • is relatively advanced in development, that is at least at proof-of-concept stage equating to GAITS Stage 3, as considered by the Applicant against Assessment Tracking System; (or)
  • has been verified with research and development or other pre-clinical studies

Eligible Activities

Eligible activity must relate to the manufacture of medtech in Victoria. The following activities or expenses are examples:

  • accessing facilities, capabilities, or services to test, verify and validate, develop or scaleup a manufactured product for new market opportunities
  • accessing clinical know-how and sites to validate or iterate medtech products or gain market feedback as part of achieving local market procurement
  • developing standard operating procedures or achieving accreditation for relevant ISO medtech manufacturing standards
  • accessing specialist capabilities to address regulatory or quality requirements, R&D tax incentive, product launch, access to markets and advanced training
  • purchasing capital equipment to support manufacturing scale up and end-to-end product development

Prior to submitting a formal application, applicants are advised to read the program guidelines and frequently asked questions (FAQs) to establish eligibility. Any inquiry specific to this funding grant may be coursed through Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions via email.

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