New Grants

Industry & Investment NSW and the Australian Technology Showcase (NSW) have developed the Innovation Pathways Program to integrate existing and new program elements to accelerate the growth of NSW organisations seeking to commercialise innovative technologies.

The Pathways Program has been designed to complement Federal Government commercialisation initiatives (including the R&D Tax Credit and Commercialisation Australia) and the Australian Technology Showcase (ATS), as part of a whole-of-government approach to the commercialisation of innovative technologies.

How it works

The Pathways Program targets organisations with a maximum turnover of $15M and with innovative technologies supported by intellectual property. The first stage of the Pathways Program focuses on building commercialisation and export skills and knowledge in a group learning environment, through a one day diagnostic followed by an 8-10 week program of workshops and mentoring. Eligible organisations may include researchers, start-ups and established SMEs.

Outcomes to be considered will include growth in jobs and export sales, and accessing investment or competitive government grants. In exceptional circumstances, or when more than one organisation is collaborating to generate outcomes, up to $50,000 may be available.

How to get involved The program will be managed by the ATS unit in Industry & Investment NSW. Organisations interested in accessing the program should submit a completed Assistance Application Form and email to

This Application Form will assist in an assessment of the organisation’s program eligibility, and the program streams and elements most appropriate to the organisation’s technology and commercialisation stage.

Organisations will be contacted within ten days of receipt of the Application Form and advised of the next steps. If the organisation is ineligible for support under the Pathways Program, alternative development options will be identified.

To find out more  information about how to apply visit  : 

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