New Grants

The NSW-Israel Research & Development (R&D) and Technological Innovation Program provides funding of up $250,000 to assist NSW and Israel entities to co-operate on joint R&D projects. These projects will advance market-driven, new and innovative products for the global market with the potential to contribute to economic growth, skills development and job creation.

Deadline date:

Stage 2 applications close 23 March 2018.

What grants or funding is available?

The New South Wales (NSW) Department of Industry will contribute up to 50% of total NSW project costs to a maximum of $AUD250,000 as a grant. The remaining 50% of project costs must be covered by the NSW applicant or a third party.

The Israel Innovation Authority will provide up to 50% of total approved R&D expenses of the Israeli applicant’s project costs (uncapped) as a conditional grant via its R&D Fund.

All industry fields are invited to apply, but NSW Department of Industry will contribute an additional 10% of NSW total R&D project costs to a maximum of $AUD250,000 per project for the following priority areas:

  • projects based in regional and rural areas of NSW
  • businesses considered to be a startup or high growth
  • projects in the priority sectors of cybersecurity, water management and agri-technology
  • projects in other priority sectors of tourism technology and international education technology.

For NSW entities, 50% of the grant funding must be used for R&D expenses. The residual can be used towards growth-related expenses that support R&D, including employee expenses and skills development.

For Israeli entities, grant funding must be used towards eligible and approved R&D expenses.

What are the eligibility criteria?

Participants must:

  • include at least one Australian commercial organisation
  • include at least one Israeli commercial organisation
  • be separate legal entities
  • collaborate in R&D of a technologically innovative product for commercialisation in a global market.

NSW-based research institutions can apply if they have a NSW commercial entity partner.

Israel-based research institutions can participate as subcontractors to an Israeli company applicant only.

NSW businesses must:

  • operate for profit and be solvent
  • have an Australian Business Number registered in NSW (or undertake to be registered)
  • be based in NSW
  • not have sourced their contribution funding from any other NSW Government program
  • not currently be involved in any litigation or impending litigation.

Israeli businesses must:

  • be for-profit companies that are registered and operate in Israel.

If you’re interested in the program but don’t have an Israel partner complete the online partner search form. Your information will be passed onto the Israel Innovation Authority’s partner matching service.

What is the assessment criteria?

Separate application forms will be assessed by NSW and Israel against weighted assessment criteria.

  • Criterion 1 (up to 20 points): Technological aspect
  • Criterion 2 (up to 20 points): Business/economic aspect
  • Criterion 3 (up to 20 points): Company’s capabilities
  • Criterion 4 (up to 20 points): Quality of cooperation
  • Criterion 5 (up to 20 points): Completion and clarity of application

Priority sectors – NSW applicants only (up to 10 points)

For both the eligibility and full assessment stages, a committee for each country will be formed to assess individual projects against the eligibility and assessment criteria.

Joint committees will also be formed for both stages and comprise of representatives from both countries. The joint committee will make recommendations on eligibility, review and score applicants based on assessment criteria, and share information on the level of funds to be grated from each side.

The joint committee will consider the applications collectively and accordingly there may be a change to the decisions of the original assessments and recommendations made by the NSW or Israel committee.

How do I apply?

NSW applicants must jointly submit a bilateral application form and attach a letter of intent via the NSW Department of Industry.

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