New Grants

$14.6 million in funding has been offered through Accelerating Commercialisation Grants to help 24 businesses to commercialise their products for a global market, and this means that under the Entrepreneurs’ Programme 55 companies have now benefitted from this type of assistance.

The funding announced today will help entrepreneurs, inventors and small and medium businesses to commercialise their products. Funding will be provided across a range of industries including the growth sectors: medical technology and pharmaceuticals; advanced manufacturing, food and agribusiness; mining equipment technology and services; and oil, gas and energy resources.

Some of these products included:

  • A world first; explosion and waterproof insulated voltage power cable connection system for use in the mining, tunnelling, marine, construction and power transmission industries;
  • The development of an innovative hospital operating theatre management system for clinicians, to improve hospital surgery administration, logistics and procedures;
  • Commercialisation of a cloud computer platform, which provides the IT tools needed for businesses to deliver and store an IT environment anytime, anywhere, on any device; and
  • Commercialisation of a world first UV filter technology to be used in cosmetics, sunscreen, sunglasses, plastics, UV film, paint and wood coating industries to provide consumers with superior UV protection from the sun.

See the list of new Accelerating Commercialisation grant recipients below.

The Entrepreneurs’ Programme offers access to the best advice and networks including Advisers and Facilitators who work directly with entrepreneurs, inventors and businesses to understand their needs and help maximise their opportunities.

The Programme also helps address the challenges associated with commercialising novel intellectual property by:

  • accelerating the commercialisation of novel intellectual property in the form of new products, processes and services;
  • creating new businesses based on novel intellectual property with high growth potential; and
  • generating greater commercial and economic returns from both public and private sector research and facilitate investment to drive business growth and competitiveness.

Eligible entities may receive a matching grant of up to $1 million.


Applicant Project Title Grant Amount
Avipep Pty Ltd Development of high-value cancer targeted therapies $410,816
Butterfly Systems Pty Ltd Hospital Operating Theatre Management System – designed for clinicians $1,000,000
Care Strategic Pty Ltd Portable disposable patient isolation system used in infection control $218,600
Cloud Data Centre Ltd OfficeBox is an IT platform transforming software and data delivery and storage $1,000,000
Community Pty Ltd CSnet Technology and Practice Making a World of difference through Human Services $400,737
Connec Limited World’s first; Explosion & Water proof, Insulated,11,000 Volt connection system $1,000,000
Coral Sunscreen Pty Ltd UV photo-protective filters for human UV protection and material UV protection $819,000
Cuoretech Pty Ltd Real-Time Cardiac Arryhthmia Mapping System $490,000
Eco Pacific Pty Ltd Commercialisation of an Efficient Heat Recovery Compact Fresh Air Ventilator $282,500
Ellume Pty Ltd Validation of the Respirio Flu Test $1,000,000
Ethos Pty Ltd Establishing causal evidence of efficacy of integrated corporate wellness platform $209,657
GET Trakka Pty Ltd GET Trakka – Real Time GET Breakage & Ware Monitoring Enhancing Productivity $1,000,000
HMS Equipment Pty Limited The HMSE Mini Loader – recovery of bulk material spillage in mining operations $388,484
HubCare ANZ Pty Ltd HubHello for Early Childhood $498,519
iDataMap Corporation Pty Ltd Commercialisation of Portable Patient-centric Radiology and Healthcare Records $410,707
Innovative Asset Solutions Pty Ltd World first, remote, simultaneous cleaning and inspection tool for the splash zone $1,000,000
Intersective Pty Ltd Commercialisation of Practera Experiential Learning Software $383,305
Kico Knee Innovation Company Pty Ltd Abstraction Image Guided Surgery $968,650
Leighton O’Brien Field Services Pty Ltd Next generation underground fuel storage tank integrity test $1,000,000
Mainstream Aquaculture Pty Ltd Australian Golden Barramundi for the World $947,000
Project Match Australia Pty Ltd Pilot testing of a new software product that matches workers to projects $199,413
Salita Pty Ltd Automated scaffold system $334,803
SureNUT Pty Ltd The SureNUT Almond Analyser; a revolutionary almond quality assessment machine $361,921
Vayeron Pty Ltd

North Ryde, NSW

Vayeron Smart-Idler™ $265,000


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