New Grants

The Queensland Government’s Business and Industry Transformation Incentives are available for businesses to undertake projects that will promote transformation in priority industries.

Grant applications will be processed in rounds. Closing dates for 2009 are:

  • Round 1- 13 March 2009 – Closed
  • Round 2 – 15 May 2009- Closed
  • Round 3  -24 July 2009
  • Round 4  -2 October 2009

The focus of the financial incentives is on projects that will create a diverse economy powered by bright ideas, to produce a strong Queensland – Tomorrow’s Queensland. The scheme is available for businesses to transform priority industry sectors.

Priority industry sectors exist both state-wide and regionally:  Advanced manufacturing, Alternative fuels, Aviation, Biotechnology, Creative industries, Environmental and mining technologies and services, Information communication technology, Marine, Processed foods, Therapeutic medicines and devices, Tourism and Wine.

Incentives are available for progressive businesses with significant growth potential within Queensland. Applications are particularly encouraged from groups of businesses working on a collaborative project. Incentives of $30,000 to $250,000 (excluding GST) are available for approved projects, and are provided for up to 50 per cent of the cost of eligible activities.

The incentive scheme essentially seeks projects that will:

  • be transformational at a business as well as an industry level
  • forge change, lift standards and drive substantial improvements for customers and/or suppliers
  • raise competitiveness in priority industries, and ultimately in the Queensland economy.

The scheme aims to achieve transformation through providing funds to projects that will support:

  • innovation
  • increasing productivity
  • exporting for growth
  • building regional strengths.

It is a competitive, discretionary scheme which seeks projects that will deliver the greatest benefit to all regions of Queensland.

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