New Grants

QSEIF assists Queensland based organisations develop innovative technologies that reduce usage of fossil fuels or water, and thus reduce production of greenhouse gas emissions.

Up to $200,000 of grant funding is available per project

Eligible projects must have a strong innovative component. QSEIF is intended to offset the technical risk involved in developing, adapting and proving new technologies or processes. QSEIF does not fund projects that are able to proceed on a commercial basis without government support.

QSEIF welcomes collaborative arrangements between the applicant organisation and project partners (for example, universities and commercial partners). Applicants may contract technological development to an external research institution, university, consulting group or another organisation.

Two specific areas covered by QSEIF are energy and water savings (though some projects are intended to yield both energy and water savings).

For energy projects, the type of technologies eligible for QSEIF funding include those that:

  • are more energy-efficient and reduce energy use
  • replace fossil fuels with renewable energy sources
  • substitute biomass or waste for fossil fuels
  • reduce greenhouse gas resulting from use of fossil fuels.

For water projects, the type of technologies eligible for QSEIF funding include those that:

  • Enable grey water, rainwater, waste water or seawater to be utilised more effectively to reduce consumption of potable water.
  • Minimise or eliminate leaks or water wastage.
  • Substitute recycled or low-grade water for potable water in industrial processes.
  • Improving efficiency in producing, treating, recycling or utilising water.

Two QSEIF funding rounds are being held in 2012


  Round 18 Round 19
Applications open 2 January 2012 8 May 2012
Closing date, draft applications 24 February 2012 29 June 2012
Expected notification of outcomes to applicants 1 August 2012 3 December 2012


Prospective applicants are encouraged to refer to the funding guidelines and contact a QSEIF project officer to discuss their proposals.


Example of projects funded in the past:

These QSEIF projects are completed and showing considerable potential for future commercialisation or are now available in the marketplace.


Renewable energy


Redflow Energy Pty Ltd

Energy efficiency

Water Engineering and Research Solutions (WEARS)

Poly Optics

Nerada Tea Estate

Aqualysis Pty Ltd

Fuels, vehicles and power generation





WaterGurus Pty Ltd

Anova Solutions Pty Ltd


Biodry Pty Ltd

Black is Green


LOC Composites

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